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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Review: Secrets and Misdemeanors

Secrets and Misdemeanors
by G. A. Hauser

When having to hide your love is a crime…

After losing his wife to his best friend and former law partner, David Thornton couldn’t imagine finding love again. With his divorce behind him, he wanted only to focus on his job and two children. But then something happened, making David realize that despite believing he had everything he needed, there was someone he desperately wanted—Lyle Wilson.

Young and determined, Lyle arrived in Los Angeles without a penny in his pocket. Before long, however, the sexy construction worker nailed a job remodeling the old office building that held the prestigious Thornton Law Firm. Little did Lyle realize when he gazed upon the handsome and successful David Thornton for the first time that a door would be opened that neither man could close.

Will the two men succumb to the tangled web of societal pressures placed before them, hiding who they are and whom they love? Or will they reveal the truth and set themselves free?

This is my first M/M book and I wasn't sure what to expect. So, I decided to read it with the same expectations for any romance book I read. Will I care about the characters? Is the conflict believable? Will I get my HEA? Those are some of the basic bones of romance I look for and G.A. Hauser delivered every single one.

I cared about David's happiness. His ex-wife is the stuff of nightmares and I kept gritting my teeth every time she had a scene because she MADE a scene. What a horrible personality! The fact that she seemed more than willing to use their children as chess pieces just burned me. I really don't like it when parents do that. Even worse is when they get away with it. I was gratified to see the author handle that serpent with dignity. She gave David a heck of a lot more patience in dealing with her than I would have done. After a few episodes of venom, I was really ready for David to have his HEA. He more than earned it. Lyle was not only adorable but he was cautious, sweet, courageous and all man. He had a few issues to deal with as well, but none of his personal making. That was a bit scary and not only made for a great conflict - his relationship with his room mate ... well, non-relationship, really - was quite effective in moving the story along.

The love scenes were, in a word, hot. At one point I sort of had the feeling that it was rushed a bit to get to the "I love you" part, but that's the only blip on an otherwise satisfying romance. I enjoyed the tenderness they displayed and never did I feel a scene was gratuitous. Sure, they enjoyed each other, but the story and character development was not jeopardized in any way.

All in all, from a strictly mainstream romance reader's point of view, Secrets and Misdemeanors hit all the high notes of a beautiful romance in a wonderful story about memorable characters.


Reviewer: Xeranth

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