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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Review: Trilogy 110: Timeless Embrace

Trilogy 110: Timeless Embrace
By Sylvia Shults

Romance is timeless, love is eternal. Come experience love through the eyes of three ancient cultures in this trilogy of novellas from the imagination of Sylvia Shults.

Let yourself be lost in a Timeless Embrace.

What You Wish For: Egyptian prince Ankh-Kheperu had been dead for centuries, until museum curator Emily Chase coaxes him back to life with the help of text from Ancient Egypt’s The Book of The Dead. What kind of girl could say no to being seduced by a dark, handsome, exotic Egyptian prince?

Love 101: Someone is stealing ancient Greek artifacts. When sexy detective Tony Saals signs up for Professer Becca Hellenga’s art history class, he thinks that he’ll learn something that will help him catch his man. But Becca is about to catch a man of her own!

Through a Glass Brightly: When American Angela Woods move to Europe to pursue a job as a English teacher, she never expected to find herself caught in a ménage a trois with two attentive Italians, both dedicated to pleasuring her to utter writhing fulfillment. The problem? One of them is a ghost!

This anthology was a pleasure to read with various levels of enjoyment.

The first one, What You Wish For is a delightful twist on an Egyptian god come to life scenario. Sylvia Shults had me chuckling with memories of my own foray into archeology when I was a kid. Right there, she had me hooked. The lead character is plain ol' Emily who works diligently as head curator at a museum. Next,the story serves up a side dish of her rather flamboyant older sister, Brenda who plays a significant role in twisting this story on its ear. Then there is Norman, her nerdy assistant, which at one point she referred to as, a "dork". Norman is also a fun sidekick to have hanging around. I really liked Norman.

What You Wish For is exactly that. You know the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"? Sylvia took that saying and ran with it. During this story I laughed, I was shocked, got surprised and melted like honey when Emilie and the her perfect man finally got together. And still I laughed. The final chapter where Sylvia ties up all the loose ends continued to cause eruptions of mirth but I heaved sighs of satisfaciton for a wonderful happily ever after. How can the author top this story?

Love 101 had great sensual tension. Becca is the professor, Tony is the student and never the twain shall meet. Again, Sylvia plays with the idea that things are never what they appear to be and until the end, I really had no clue how it was going to work out between Becca and Tony. Oh, I got the feeling that they would ... no wait, Sylvia played with my mind on that one too ... that was a clever twist she slipped in there. Let's just say I liked the investigative element in this story, it provided meat to the plot and I enjoy books where the HEA corresponds with the solving of a mystery. Love 101 easily gets a passing grade from me.

Through A Glass Brightly was the most emotional story of the three. I was hot and bothered during the scene with both the ghost and Gabriel. And I was deeply surprised and shocked at the turns this story took and who Angela ended up with. It was a bittersweet HEA - still happy and believable but totally unexpected. The author managed to get me invested in all the characters so I ended up being on a roller coaster of emotions. You couldn't ask for a better story to be written.

Timeless Embrace encompasses all the great human reactions and emotions; laughter, amazement, lust, tears, joy, surprise and the best, love. None of which could have been possible if I hadn't connected with the characters. And I did. Every last one.

Thank you, Sylvia, for a wonderful read.


Reviewed by Xeranth

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