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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Review: Bloody English

Bloody English
By Reneé George

Samuel King is an Amish private detective who has lived amongst the English in Independence, Missouri, for sixteen years. When he is hired to find a missing accountant, Morton Clark, Samuel’s self-enforced solitary lifestyle is completely disrupted -- the case unexpectedly leads him to the very sexy, very flawed Alistair Simms. Samuel is overwhelmed by his attraction to Alistair, and resisting the vampire is no simple task. Even for a chaste man.

Alistair, a 154-year-old vampire and recluse with familial ties to the kidnapped Morton, has spent his undead years caring for each generation of his brother’s children. To compound his guilt over the abduction of his great-nephew, Alistair is passionately drawn to Samuel. The detective’s innocence, purity, and physical perfection stir emotions in him he didn’t believe he was still capable of feeling. Being immortal was easier when he didn’t care.

For two men who have spent lifetimes avoiding relationships and entanglements, finding Morton will be the ultimate test of faith, love, and sacrifice.

Author’s note: Bloody English takes place in the same world as The Beast series. It is an independent book, but you never know who might show up.

The title of Bloody English is quite clever and I give kudos to whomever thought of it.

I was reminded of movie, The Witness, when I read about the reference to the 'English' being anyone who wasn't Amish. I've never read about an Amish character before and I found it intriguing.

Sam is interesting. He's struggling to make his own way in the world without support from his family. Neither does he embrace the world he lives in, preferring to only adopt that which is closest to the life he left behind yet enough to do what needs to be done. I think he's a man who's unfortunately living a sensory deprived life. That can't be healthy, even though he has chosen a career that ultimately helps people. He doesn't believe in acting out in violence but as we readers know, any world in which vampires reside includes violence.

Alistair is an old vampire who lives in his own style of sensory deprevation but for different reasons. He thinks he's doing OK until he sets his eyes on Sam for the first time. Alistair finds that his attraction to Sam has him contemplating the biggest change in his life-attempting to reach out and touch someone, finally.


Alistair is a target of a violence that's going to reach out and touch people he never even considered. It's coming from a place he had no reason to suspect and his motivation for keeping himself isolated gets blown out of the water.

The culmination of Sam's and Alistair's relationship takes on new and powerful heights with the exciting conclusion of this story. It's quite romantic in its way. Also, the secrets revealed are unique and thought provoking. What else does this world hide?

Bloody English is an enjoyable read with just the right amount of suspense and romance between the characters to flesh out the story and move the plot along.


Reviewed by Xeranth

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