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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Review: Michael Angelo

Michael Angelo
by Diane Merlin

Michael Angelo:
Ancient…immortal…powerful…jaded. Fed up with his self-appointed role as protector of all things innocent, he is determined to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the company of his dog.

Mary Grace Chapman:
A tough, competent cop who takes her job and her family seriously. With both feet firmly planted in reality, no one could be less prepared for the sexy half-angel who saves her sister in a freak accident.

When a hostage situation gone terribly wrong lands them in an alternate dimension, Mary Grace is forced to admit life might not be as cut and dried as she once believed. Especially when she realizes they’re surrounded by Were-creatures, vampires, and demons. But her determination to rescue a scared little girl leads her into a world of discovery, altering her life on many levels.

This is a fast paced tale that, once started, I couldn’t put down until I finished. If you like paranormal, this is the book for you. There are vampires, trolls, were-cats and demons just to name a few.

Mary is a forthright woman and she grabbed me right away with her independence. No one walks on her. In her foreign surroundings, I admired the way Mary handles herself. She’s out of her element but pulls from her training and I love how she easily develops relationships with unfamiliar beings. I found her determination and courage remarkable as she puts herself in dangerous situations to obtain her noble goal. But I was a little disappointed with some of the obstacles that she put in front of Mike and their relationship.

Mike is one great guy – I want him for myself! He is tall, handsome, buff and caring, and a leader of men. He has a dog, Mutt, and the connection between the two warmed my heart. Because of his parentage, he is lacking something that is precious to him and I couldn’t help but have compassion for his sorrow. I appreciated the strength of his love for Mary but I felt that he should have been more persuasive. I would have enjoyed their interactions a little more if, as an alpha male, he had been able to allay her doubts better about the two of them.

Even though they keep getting into perilous situations, the danger is frequently presented with humor that had me chuckling throughout. Michael Angelo is a thoroughly enjoyable adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat and made me smile.


Review by Orchid

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