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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Review: Naked Bluff

Naked Bluff
by Betty Hanawa

The friendship with privileges relationship of American professional poker player Clarisse Jones and Prince Makis has bloomed into a love as beautiful as the roses his small country exports. His parents, the Prince and Princess of the island Principality of Renoun, have come to Monaco to pressure him into marrying. The American professional gambler is not who they wanted to be the new princess.

I was really impressed with the development of the characters in this very short story, especially Clarisse. I knew that she is focused and determined and doesn’t put up with any guff from anyone. She’s also a realist and I loved her approach to her situation with an “enjoy it while you can” attitude.

I didn’t have as clear a sense of who Mak is, but his identity in itself makes him intriguing. He is really into Clarisse and the ways he shows it had my heart fluttering. His parents are thoroughly entertaining and I had to laugh at the way they complicate life for both Mak and Clarisse.

“Naked Bluff” is a fulfilling story packed into a few pages. It’s a quick and steamy romance that is sure to delight.


Review by Chamomile

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