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Monday, May 12, 2008

Review: The Masters: Samson

The Masters: Samson
by Kate Hill

A scheduling error brings Cortez and Jendaya together at Sunlight of the Soul with appointments to endure the sexual gauntlet with Master Samson as their guide.

All three will experience the rigors of the gauntlet and gain more pleasure than they ever dreamed possible. They don't plan on falling in love, but can't deny they are experiencing a joining of hearts.

When Samson's old enemy threatens to destroy him, his new mates are determined to fight to keep their trio safe.

I loved The Masters: Samson! I’m afraid I’m going to turn into a great babbling fountain of love for this story. Vampires, sultry threesome, violence…what’s not to adore? In this story, Kate Hill gives us three characters I find distinctly memorable beginning with Samson, a Master vampire with a harsh past and a mortal (technically immortal) enemy that’s been trying to kill him (and vice versa) for the last thirteen hundred years. He is currently residing in a sort of vampire temple where he stays in constant preparation for the battle.

But he also a Master of Ecstasy, a type of vampire that seems to wield a remarkable amount of sexual domination and not only does he educate young vamps in sexual endurance and control, he also gets a free blood supply. Talk about a sweet deal, right? Then enters his newest donors, one Cortez, young, cocky and deliriously attractive and one Jendaya, lovely, cool and calm. Both come for different reasons and it was nothing but entertainment watching them all meet for the first time. Each bring something interesting to the table and the result is some of the most sizzling sex I’ve ever read.

It was fascinating to watch as each slowly but surely tumble from lust into something new altogether. The word love is never mentioned but it’s so strongly felt, the words are never needed. And then when Samson’s enemy strikes, I booed but applauded when Cortez and Jendaya plunge into the fight despite Sampson’s strenuous objections. Each character has found a place in my heart and I wholeheartedly enjoyed everything from the pacing to the perfect ending.

Ms. Hill has created a keeper folks and I feel no shame in praising this as loudly as I can!


Review by Narcissus

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