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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Review: Dark Dichotomy 1: Misbehaving

Dark Dichotomy 1: Misbehaving
by Aubrey Ross

Kendra Lawrence isn’t sure what to expect when she meets Torral Burton for the first time. His family’s secrecy has kept Napa Valley gossiping for generations. He contracts her to renovate a cottage on his secluded estate, but Kendra is tempted to misbehave as soon as she looks into his eyes. Never before has a man ignited her senses and made her long for erotic misdeeds.

Ryan, Torral’s nocturnal half, senses Kendra’s presence even before he transitions out of sleep state. His visions reveal and enemy lurking in the shadows, waiting to destroy them all. A soul bonding is the only way to ensure Kendra’s safety. But first she must accept the complexity of their nature and learn to revel in the pleasures awaiting her as the mate of a Dichotomy.

This was a truly original take on the shapeshifter/paranormal tale. Aubrey Ross has a surefire winner when it comes to this series and I can’t wait to see the next installments of the Dichotomy mates.

Kendra is passionate about her job, and is itching to get started on a new project, hopefully restoring the cottage on the Burton estate. I enjoyed getting to know Kendra, I got the sense that she was a very classy woman who knew what she was doing and was quite passionate about her job. Her distraction as she meets and finds herself falling way too quickly for Torral Burton was charming, and made me respect her all the more for her determination to behave professionally, despite the amazing draw she felt toward him. It doesn’t matter that she is unaware of the supernatural bond she has with both Torral and his nocturnal half, Ryan. She finds it inappropriate that she is so quickly attracted to them, and I admired her for trying to stick to her guns. Even when events seem unbelievable she kept her cool and tried to move past her disbelief to the truth behind what was going on between her and the “twins”. Kendra was a truly enjoyable heroine to get to know.

Torral was a rather playful and funny yet intense man who got Kendra’s and MY libido revving with just one smile. His flirtatious ways and witty comebacks were fun to watch as they turned Kendra inside out and upside down. His own struggle with his seemingly inappropriate attraction to someone who would be working for him was admirable. Even when he was informed by Ryan that Kendra was their mate, he makes it clear that they must let her get used to them and fall for each of them separately as well as together. The fact that it needs to be relatively quick, doesn’t mean that they need to rush her, and he makes that clear to Ryan. I had to admire his consideration, and agree with Kendra as she fell headlong into love with him.

Ryan on the other hand was the more intense of the “twins” and his ability of foresight was what convinced both him and Torral that Kendra was not only in danger, but was their mate as well. With his own separate talents and gifts, Ryan was as easy to fall for as Torral, if not a bit more hot (in my honest opinion). His determination to convince Kendra of her role in their life made for some exciting moments, not to mention some hot moments. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this strong man trip all over himself as he worked for his woman’s affection.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am eagerly looking forward to the next Dichotomy Mate book. Aubrey Ross has a winner with this series, and her fresh voice makes for an entertaining read that delivers both heat and drama. Her ability to give us a believably insane antagonist was just icing on the cake. Dark Dichotomy: Misbehaving kept me turning the pages until I came to the very last one and left me begging for more.


Review by Viscaria

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