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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse by B.J. McCall
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Short
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries

Canon Ross seeks his birthright, to live among his mother's pack. Reluctantly received, Canon is establishing his place in the pack until he's seduced by a she-wolf.

Violet Winter's father has decided it's time for her to settle down. Violet wants to mate for love and has refused to bend to his will. Brought before the pack elders, Violet is told to choose a mate by the
conclusion of the lunar eclipse.

Sex with the unacceptable half-breed during the eclipse was an act of defiance, meant to demonstrate her independence, but the flames ignited aren't easily extinguished and Canon Ross isn't going to be a werewolf easy to dismiss.

Violet wants to marry for love, not because she needs a mate. She seems to live for defying her elders and father and takes it to the highest level with a half-breed. She thinks she has committed the most terrible sin of mating during the eclipse without consent of the elders, but actually she seems to have found her soulmate.

Canon finds love in an unexpected place, while just trying to find a place to fit in. Never completely accepted as human or were, he tries to find his roots in the were community. And he not only finds the peace and acceptance he craves, he finds it with someone he can see sharing his whole life with.

Violet and Canon share the most soul touching lovemaking. It’s like their bodies knew they were meant to be together, even when they didn’t. The reactions they have to one another are intense and almost overwhelming.

It’s great to see that what Violet really needed was for someone to stand up for her and to prove to her that she is worth losing everything for.

Violet seemed like the snobby, brat-like character that you love to hate. But once you got to know her deep dark secrets, you understand her tough exterior and motives to not wanting a mate. Canon secretly just wants a place to belong, somewhere that he is accepted and not ridiculed or feared. The two seem like an uncanny pair in the beginning.

Very well written especially the transformation scenes. I love the way you can understand their communication even while in wolf form – the ability to read what they are thinking and how they talk to one another.

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