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Monday, September 22, 2008


Lyrical by Victoria Blisse
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short
Other: M/F, BHM
Rating: 4 cherries
Review by Xeranth

Living in a world of lyrics, she sings his song and he is powerless to resist.

Peter is anti-social. He doesn’t speak to a soul at work and listens to his music 24/7. He thinks he is too fat to fit in. Rock chick Chloe disagrees and slowly pulls Peter out of his shell. She finally wins him over with her beautiful singing voice but he just does not know how to deal with this beautiful woman and her lusts. Does Chloe have the patience to teach him to play her song to the rhythm of their shared sensuality or will he be forever doomed to a solitary life with only his music for comfort?

Lyrical is a first for me in that it involves a rather large man who is innocent, sort of endearing and totally bemused by the opposite sex. He’s found ways to shut himself off from co-workers to the point that he is completely alone. He thinks he is perfectly fine and justifies the cocoon he’s encased in.

As with all cocoons, inside is something that has to emerge and take wing. It can be beautiful and amazing and when Peter emerges from his seclusion, his true nature is tentative but truly beautiful. Unlike the critters you find inside that kind of comfy enclosure, Peter needs to be prodded and pestered into peaking out of his comfort zone to taste the flavor of life. He gets repeatedly poked by Chloe, his new co-worker and tormenter.

Chloe is a beautiful woman who is adventurous, sexually sure and is able to see beyond the prickly hedgehog demeanor Peter presents to the world. She reaches him in a way no one ever has and keeps at it. Her persistence was fun for me to read, and irritating to Peter, which continued my enjoyment.

Peter’s self flagellation and Chloe’s steam roller antics to get to know him made this mismatched pair a delight to see get together. Lyrical is told in Peter’s POV and I think this works. It made Peter’s character more sympathetic and easier to connect to. I don’t think this story would have worked as well if told from Chloe’s perspective so I have to give Ms. Blisse credit. I get the feeling Ms. Blisse really cared about her Peter’s happiness.

Lyrical is a sweet and saucy romantic tale that ends with optimism amidst the universal language of music. It is a short story that embraces the notion that differences aren’t obstacles to love and romance. We need to be reminded of that from time to time and this story shows it well.

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