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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sin is Not a Four-Letter Word

Sin is Not a Four-Letter Word by Aliyah Burke
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery, Action/Adventure
Length: Full
Other: M/F, Multiple Partners
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Yarrow

A mercenary, the lover who betrayed her, and a second chance, can they make it work?

Standing six-three with a strong body, golden-brown eyes, dark brown hair with both blondish and red highlights, half Native American, half Caucasian Mace Dylan was one of the best agents the Global Defense Squad, or GDS, had ever seen. He'd given his life to the GDS for the past thirteen years, and though his looks ensured him he would never be lacking in more amorous missions, he'd only ever loved one woman. Sinjin.

Standing five-six with dark brown skin, dark, chocolaty eyes, and straight, jet black hair, Sinjin was filled with the lean muscles of the elite mercenary she was. She was also a computer genius, and there wasn't a weapon or vehicle she couldn't operate. It also made her dangerous, and when she is implicated in a high- profile case the GDS was operating, Mace made the crucial mistake of choosing his job over her. That choice landed her in an Icelandic prison for the next six years. What happens when Mace must face her and convince her to help the one person who had betrayed her the most—himself? Is there anyway that Mace can make Sinjin forgive him and possibly give them another chance? Can she find a way to save his life in time? Will she ever realize her own worth and learn that…Sin Is Not A Four Letter Word.

I loved this book so much I didn’t want it to end. Sin is Not a Four-Letter Word is the perfect blend of erotic romance and adventure. The book opens with Mace tracking a suspect in Russia. We see the take down, the interrogation and we’re introduced to Mace’s team, headed by the tall, tough, blonde, Sonia. The frigid atmosphere continues as we follow the reluctant, but determined, Mace to Iceland and the cold, no-nonsense fortress where Sinjin is being held. When we meet Sinjin, hardened from her life as the only woman in the harsh prison compound, we understand her survival instincts and her hatred of Mace, but we also see that she is a perfect match for her hard-as-steel ex-lover, and we want them to get together—fast!

I usually hate reunion romances, with their tedious flashbacks and never-ending dialogue about the past, but writer Aliyah Burke cuts through all that by revealing aspects of her characters’ past through their thoughts in the present. She also quickens the rhythm of the book with a well-paced adventure that moves Mace and Sinjin from country to country, placing them in interesting settings, and building the sexual tension between them so that we are anticipating a consummation in every new scene. Burke also allows the settings to mirror the escalating heat between Mace and Sinjin—from the colder climes to the Caribbean and the arid desert of the southwestern United States. The locations heat up and so do Mace and Sinjin.

In and out of bed Mace and Sinjin are one sizzling couple. His vulnerability, his anguish over his past betrayal makes Mace a very appealing hero. Sinjin’s unapologetic, kick-ass attitude is very refreshing and certain scenes make me want to cheer. She is Mace’s equal, and he knows and respects her abilities, which make us love him even more.

Some readers might be put off by the fact that Mace and Sinjin each had lovers in the book, however, the chemistry between the two is so strong and they are so well-matched that you won’t be able to put this book down. Their respective lovers are also intriguing: one strong, beautiful, and brilliant, the other strong, handsome and mysterious. Is there a story about them in the works? If so, I’m dying to read it. In the mean time, I’ll have to buy a copy of Sin is Not a Four-Letter word. This one’s a keeper.

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