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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let's Get Physical

Let's Get Physical by Cherie Amour
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

What do you do when you catch your husband in bed with his ex?

That's what Samantha Jenkins asks herself one heart-wrenching night when she pays her husband, Leo San Rocco, a visit in a sexy negligée, hoping to lure him back, only to find his lewd ex has beat her to the punch. Samantha musters what dignity she has left and runs out before Leo can explain things.

Distraught, she crashes into the debonair James Colfield. The sexual attraction between them is scorching hot. James decides he is the one who'll mend her broken heart and spark the sex goddess that dwells deep in her soul.

The problem with James' plan is Leo still loves his wife and the bond they share is practically unbreakable. Will James win her into his bed, or will Leo open his eyes and see Samantha is the only woman for him?

I enjoyed this story. I felt it was a realistic view into a typical family. I loved the character of Samantha. A poor abused housewife who loves her husband and children and wants them to live as a family together. She puts up with many years of his mother's verbal abuse for the sake of her husband. Then when his mother dies, everything is her fault. I felt that this is how many women would feel when tragedy strikes. Samantha's self-esteem is zero.

Then she meets James Colfield, her son's coach. I loved James. He is suave, kind, gorgeous, built like a model and is everything that I would love to see in a potential mate. James gets Leo's blessing to date Samantha and boy is he great for her. I could see how he took care of Samantha, treating her very gently and not pushing her. I could feel the love that James had for Samantha throughout the story.

The last major character is Leo, Samantha's husband from whom she is separated. I had mixed feelings for Leo. I did not care for him at first. He seemed to think he was God's gift and never wrong. As the story progressed, I could see the love he had for Samantha and how he was trying to redeem the wrongs he had done to her. I began to warm up to his character and laughed at how he strutted in some of the scenes of the book. He would bristle whenever he met Samantha and James and do stupid things, like fall off a treadmill. I really laughed at that scene.

There are a lot of minor characters who add to the storyline, from an ex-girlfriend and children to Samantha's mother and father. The story was told in great detail. I knew everything about Samantha and Leo from the time they were in college to their life 13 plus years later. This is a story that tugged my emotions from one direction to another.

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