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Monday, November 24, 2008

Lycan Lore 2: Offspring

Lycan Lore 2: Offspring by Shannon Leigh
Publisher: Amber Quill Press Heat
Genre: Paranormal, Shapeshifter
Length: Short
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage
Review by Hibiscus

Nine months ago, Heather's life took a dramatic change. She became a werewolf. Shortly thereafter, a lycan hunter named Cray murdered her sire, leaving her to struggle through her horrible existence alone.

But if turning into a bloodthirsty, ravenous, beast of the night wasn't bad enough, she'd also conceived a child on the evening of her attack. With the next lunar cycle about to begin, the hunter hot on her heels, and her unborn child at stake, she's desperate to stay alive. Hoping the hordes of partying females will mask her scent, she flees to the crowded shores of South Beach, right into the arms of a local college student named Mike, a man who could prove more than a one-night stand.

Born a lycan, bred a hunter, Cray McCorbin has learned to control his inner beast, as well as accept the responsibility of eliminating other wolves who can't. He's not proud of his job—killing isn't something he enjoys—and prefers to consider himself a protector of humanity, despite his own heritage. Nine months ago, however, fate intervened in his miserable life and fulfilled the old lycan lore, presenting him with a mate. Cassandra, Heather's best friend, is all Cray's ever dreamed of and more. But destiny can sometimes come with a cruel hand. Though he'd gladly give his life for her, his duties as a hunter come first. He can't allow any renegade werewolf to escape, not even Cassandra's best friend...

Lycan Lore2: Offspring continues where Lycan Lore left off. Cassandra and Cray are a couple now and hunt rogue werewolves together. Their main target is Heather, who has been on the run for nine months since Graham had attacked her, and the people she changes during the full moon cycles each month.

I found Heather to be a very compassionate and highly sexed woman. Even at nine months pregnant, Heather is sexually active. She picks up two men, Dave and Mike, at a bar for fun and games. Heather shows how much she cares for Mike by making them leave before her change comes as she doesn't want to hurt Mike. She meets Mike the next day and I learned more about lycan born and lycan made and natural mates. I loved the third night of the full moon scene. It had me biting my nails to see what the outcome was.

The character of Mike was pretty well developed. He wasn't just your average college student. I could see his depth of devotion to Heather when he went up against Cray behind the restaurant and in the hotel room on the third night. While Mike is no Cray, he is a sexy college man who I wouldn't mind having by my side.

This series just continues to get better and better. There are a few good hints dropped at the end of this story that give me hope that a Lycan Lore 3 is in the works. Take it from me, this hot paranormal story with a twist is a definite read for those who like a different type of werewolf.

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