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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mr. Right

Mr. Right by Lara Santiago
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday (Halloween)
Length: Short
Other: M/F
Review by Lilac

Lonely Melisa agrees to meet a blind date at a Halloween party.
An unexpectedly delicious, masked vampire greets her at the door. Once into the party, David whisks her upstairs after she trips and tends to her skinned knee.

Has she finally met Mr. Right?

David hasn't made time for the "right" kind of woman in his life until an unwanted blind date falls into his arms on All Hallows Eve.

Is she the one he's been waiting for to share his life?

When Melisa agrees to meet a blind date at a Halloween party, she isn’t sure what to expect, but she is determined to make this date work. All she knows about her mystery date is that he’ll be dressed as a vampire so when she literally stumbles into a sexy man in a vampire costume she thinks her luck is finally changing. David didn’t want the blind date that his friends set up for him, but when he meets Melisa he finds her refreshing and very attractive…she’s definitely not what he’s used to. Soon the two are getting to know one another a LOT better.

Mr. Right was a short, sexy, and fun read about two strangers finding romance and some steamy sex at a Halloween party. Things do move pretty fast after their first meeting as Melisa and David find themselves in his bedroom as they go from strangers to something more, but since this is a short story the fast-paced relationship development works. Melisa and David make an interesting couple who haven’t had the best of luck in the romance department so it was nice that they were able to find each other and their scenes together simply sizzle. The author did a wonderful job at making me feel the instant chemistry the two share.

There was also an interesting twist ending that I don’t wish to spoil, but that I really enjoyed. And while it might have been slightly predictable based on clues throughout the story, I enjoyed how the author handled it and added her own twist to it.

I really enjoyed Mr. Right and look forward to reading more in the series.

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