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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nothing But Trouble

Nothing But Trouble by Jamie Hill
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short
Other: M/M
Review by Yarrow

Adrian Scott doesn't expect to fall in love with his employer after spending one night with him. Graham Elliott is handsome and exciting, a very wealthy man, not in Adrian 's league. But their night together was intoxicating, and Adrian can't shake the thought of making a life with this older man. As per their arrangement, they have twomore nights together. Will that be enough time to convince his boss they belong together, or will the deal prove to be nothing but trouble?

Nothing But Trouble reminded me a bit of the British Mills and Boons books I used to read as a teenager. I loved those chaste doctor/nurse or boss/secretary storylines where the heroine was always out of the league of her beloved, and only dared to dream that she would ever end up with him.

Like those early heroines, Adrian Scott is young (24 years old) and pretty much alone in the world: his father is dead, he takes care of mother while doing the survival job of waiter/bartender. When his closeted boss, Graham Elliot proposes a paid liaison between the two of them, Adrian agrees. Adrian had always been attracted to the sophisticated and wealthy older man, but never imagined that he would be so lucky as to actually become intimate with him.

Unlike those early innocent heroines, Adrian and his boss have grunting, hot, man on man sex that is described in full detail. The explicit dialogue and sexual activity shouldn’t really blend with the traditional nature of the storyline, but somehow, author Jamie Hill manages to weave together the opposing elements quite successfully.

As Adrian’s lust for Graham turns into love, I couldn’t help but connect with his feelings of vulnerability, and the pain he experiences knowing that he is in love with a man who is adamant about maintaining his fa├žade as a powerful and straight casino owner. On the other hand, I also understood that, as an older man with a public image, it is not as easy for Graham to be “out” as it is for the younger Adrian. It is also not easy for Graham to admit that someone as young as Adrian could love him for more than his money.

For me, Nothing But Trouble was a quick, enjoyable quick read, that made me want to grab a fan one moment and reflect the next moment about those romances of the past.

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