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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Pleasure Dome of Titan

The Pleasure Dome of Titan by Mikala Ash
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length: Short
Other: M/F
Review by Eglantine

Idealist Joshua Hunt has been sent on a hopeless mission. He must convince the mysterious Professor A. Voss to cease her dangerous experiments which threaten the wolfen with extinction, or she will be assassinated.

To warn her, he travels to Titan, one of the inhospitable moons of Saturn. Expecting the studious "old maid" stereotype of a female scientist, he finds instead a coven of voluptuous vampires all named Voss, living in a sumptuous pleasure dome and one, a red-headed beauty, steals his heart at first sight.

Anna Voss is on the brink of a momentous discovery and will let nothing stop her, not even this gorgeous hunk of werewolf. Desire for the romantic Joshua, however, forces her to break down the barriers of prejudice which have kept vampire and wolfen apart for centuries.

Not only has a wolfen death squad followed Joshua to Titan, but he also runs smack into the evil Lord Draco and his equally malevolent consort, Mi-Kun. Evil plots and counterplots writhe beneath Titan’s roiling methane clouds as Joshua and Anna risk everything to save each other’s lives.

Werewolf Joshua Hunt travels to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, to what he thinks is a small research facility with a boring professor and a few other staff. He has to stop Prof. A. Voss to stop her research, or she will die. But Joshua is in for a big surprise. The dome is more than a boring research facility, it’s also a nest of vampires indulging in their every sexual fantasy with willing human slaves. Except for Anna Voss. Unlike her sisters, Angelica and Anthea, she is interested in no more than her work, and hasn’t had sex since before she was turned. But when Joshua crosses her path, his werewolf senses driven mad with the intoxicating erotic chemicals suffusing the air in the dome, her mind most emphatically turns from work to something else altogether. The sex is scorching, but is it enough to convince Anna to overcome the ages-old animosity between vampires and werewolves? Can they unravel the complicated web of plots around them? Which A. Voss’ research is it that needs to be stopped, anyway, and why?

So often erotica suffers from woefully inadequate plot and character development in favor of hot sex. What a pleasure to find a tale that sizzles, but at least has a solid plot and believable characters visible through the steam. The writing is more than adequate, and where it falters the story is strong enough to carry the reader through the missteps. I thoroughly enjoyed the clever twists and turns in the story. Worth the download price.

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