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Friday, March 20, 2009

Sari by Rose Middleton

Sari (Hybrids, Book One) by Rose Middleton
Publisher: Linden Bay Romance
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense
Length: Full (211 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Lilac

Shapeshifting scientific assistant Sari Jones is having trouble controlling the dangerous heat that surges through her blood every time she steps within three feet of her hunky boss, Professor Kai Harrison. But control it she must, or risk losing the one man her heart has come to desire, and the freedom she longs to keep.

Kai Harrison has a strict policy; he doesn’t mix business with pleasure. He’s on a quest to find the elusive black jaguars that his sister, Rebecca, was researching when she vanished without a trace. And if the blinding attraction he feels towards the sleek and sexy Sari doesn’t get in the way, he just might unravel the mystery.

It’s a race against time when Kai and Sari are forced to trust one another in the search for truth. The Facility is key, an underground complex where Sari was once imprisoned. Deep in the jungle passions ignite, secrets are revealed, and for Kai the pieces start to fall into place. Sari isn’t human. She’s hybrid. And she’s just what Kai’s been searching for. There’s no such thing as coincidence…

A fascinating story, Sari’s interesting characters and plot drew me in from the very first page and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

Sari Jones, a genetically-altered hybrid who is part jaguar, finds herself in a bit of predicament as she helps Kai Harrison search for elusive jaguars. Sari and Kai both have their secrets that once revealed could change everything. However, they must work together if they want to accomplish their own hidden agendas. I really felt for both Sari and Kai and all that they have gone through. I especially felt for Sari as living with her secret couldn’t have been easy.

There is also an unspoken attraction between Sari and Kai almost from the first and you can easily sense the sexual tension between the two. The author did a wonderful job creating this tension so that when they finally do come together the pages nearly sizzle. But they also face an interesting complication to their relationship in the form of Sari’s status as a hybrid. I thought this was an interesting and unique obstacle for a couple to have to deal with.

In addition to the romance and sexual tension of the story, the characters of the story really help to make it even more enjoyable. Not only was I fascinated by Sari and Kai, but I was also drawn to the secondary characters of the story, Sari’s fellow hybrids and the evil man who created them. Each new revelation and character that we meet enhances the story and made me long to know more.

The whole concept of the hybrids really fascinated me and I loved it. With all of the advances in medical technology today, this one almost seems plausible despite its outrageousness and is almost scary to think about. As for the story, the man who created Sari and her fellow hybrids seems to have his own agenda and we learn that his nefarious plans and actions run deep as the suspenseful story progresses, but we are still left with a few questions that I hope will be answered in future books.

Sari is a wonderful start to the series and I can hardly wait to see what happens next as this one featured a nice setup for future books and a continuing story arc.

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