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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Sweetest Sin by Lexie Davis

The Sweetest Sin by Lexie Davis
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (87 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Book two in the Darkfever Series

Can Darkfever's notorious drummer find true love with a woman that's convinced true love doesn't exist?

Callie Quinn has tried to distance herself from Sin Cannon ever since she gave into her desires at a mutual friends wedding reception. But with his persistence and determination, Sin has made her efforts harder than she ever imagined. It's her job to make Darkfever look good in the public eye yet when Darkfever's sexy bad boy continues to get in trouble, Callie is the first person he calls - even when she's on vacation with her kid sister.

It wasn't his intention to continuously interrupt her family vacation, but Sin couldn't deny the more time he spent with Callie the more his feelings grew for her. Scandals arise, trouble lurks around the corner and Callie is the only one he can count on to get him out of it. He's convinced he loves her, but Callie is sure it's only infatuation. Will Sin be able to prove to Callie she's the only one for him? Or has the rock and roll lifestyle gone to his head and her continuous 'no' only feeding the need to want what he can't have?

He’s a rock star dealing with an overwhelming sense of entitlement – to Callie. She’s an overworked, underappreciated overachiever working for Sin, the ultimate rocker. What happens when he shifts from Overindulgent Sin to The Sweetest Sin? Callie gets the ride of her life.

Ms. Davis’ work shimmered from beginning to end. Both main characters lived a rather rough life in that they both dealt daily with the aggravation of the paparazzi. The story never bogged down, even when circumstances may have suggested it. Callie was easy to relate to. She wanted the man, but the demons in her past made accepting his life almost impossible. I enjoyed the banter between Sin and Callie’s younger sister Missy because it showed the man was human as well as a drop dead sexy rock star drummer. Even celebrities are people when they step out of the harsh glare of the spotlight and Ms. Davis’ captured that with ease.

If you like stories with a twist ending and lots of heart mixed in with sizzling passion, then The Sweetest Sin is the book for you. I give this one 4 ½ cherries. Awesome!

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