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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Add a Little Mistletoe by Aliyah Burke

Add a Little Mistletoe by Aliyah Burke
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Christmas
Length: Short Story (108 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Cholla

Aspen Townsend is home for the holidays. She has a great job and wonderful friends. This holiday season, thanks to the disobedience of a four-year old, Aspen is also reunited with a tanned man with silver eyes from her past.

Facing his first Christmas season out of the rodeo circuit in many years, Colt Larkin wasn't exactly looking forward to spending the holidays in the sleepy little town where he grew up...until he came face to face with the mocha beauty he had thought about since high school. Unfortunately, she is harboring an intense dislike for him.

Can he convince her of the truth, or will the lie she has believed for the past twenty years keep them apart?

It happened once before, so perhaps all they need to do, to find their holiday hearts together is...

Add A Little Mistletoe

Elements: BW/WM interracial

What can be harder than moving back home after your brother’s death? You’d think that not much could be worse until you run into the man that humiliated you and broke your heart twenty years ago…

And that’s where Aspen Townsend finds herself. Coming home ten years after her brother’s death, she runs into the most attractive – and annoying – man she’s ever known: Colt Larkin. Still smarting from a rumor started at the town Christmas party twenty years prior, Aspen is bound and determined to ignore him and get on with her life; Colt has other plans. Colt’s nephew intercedes on their behalf by attaching himself to Aspen while lost in the mall on Black Friday. After that, fate and the Christmas spirit begins to work their combined magic.

Aspen and Colt both come a long way in this short novel, learning to trust one another and overcome past prejudices. As a couple, they complement one another both physically and emotionally. In all aspects, they make a fun, realistic couple. The story of a missed chance is one we’re all familiar with, and the miscommunication that starts it all here is one all too familiar. Our society claims to be so progressive and yet it disproves itself time and time again. And the society contained within this novel isn’t any different. It’s nice to see a happy ending despite the odds.

Add a Little Mistletoe is a great way to spice up your holiday reading and warm up your cold nights!

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