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Friday, May 15, 2009

Gym Dandy by Storm Grant

Gym Dandy by Storm Grant
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (193 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Intercourse
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Lilac

Mixed signals or glitchy gaydar? After a first kiss gone horribly wrong, out and outgoing personal trainer Victor Brighton settles for friendship with handsome new client Douglas Newkirk. But is Doug in denial? Each time the boys get close, something or someone interferes: ex-wives, ex-boyfriends, bitchy bosses, even the cable guy. Will our guys work it all out? Read Gym Dandy and find out.

Gym Dandy is a little erotic and a lot entertaining, featuring clever plot twists, engaging characters, and a happy ending. There's even a dog!

Gym Dandy is a fun story full of humor and surprises.

Personal trainer Victor Brighton is attracted to his new client, Doug Newkirk and keeps receiving mixed signals from the handsome man even though Doug insists that he is straight. Victor, however, has his doubts and as the two form a friendship, he is a bit surprised by all he learns about his new friend even as he begins to fall for him.

This story was a fun read filled with humor and heart. Each chapter brought something new as the story and relationship between Victor and Doug took a new turn. Charming, bisexual, and a bit immature and scattered with his thoughts, Victor is an interesting character. As is Doug, who comes across as very prim and proper and a bit clumsy because of his nervousness around Victor. Victor is very patient and understanding when it comes to Doug, which I found touching. It was interesting to learn more about each man and to watch their friendship develop despite all of the things they run into which include a spiteful employer, ex-wives, old friends, and some interesting secrets which really added to the story.

In addition to the relationship between Victor and Doug, there is also a secondary storyline involving steroid sales at the gym. Victor is asked by his employer to investigate it a bit and I must say I was surprised at the outcome of this part of the story. There’s an interesting twist that goes a long way in explaining some of Victor’s behavior and really added to his character.

Despite my overall enjoyment of the story, there were a few things I wish had been a bit better. While in third person, we only get Victor’s point of view, and I must confess that I would have loved to know what was going through Doug’s head. Also, at first Victor’s thoughts were a bit scattered and I found it hard to get into the story. I also couldn’t understand the attraction he had for Doug at the beginning, a man that is almost his complete opposite and who keeps sending out mixed signals. The ending came a bit too soon for me and I wish there had been more. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed getting to know both men and watching the story progress.

Overall, this was a fun and touching story about two men who learn a lot about themselves and about each other as they deal with an inconvenient attraction.

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Thank you so much for the terrific review. I will immediately add it to my website.
~ Storm!

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