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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just One Night by Lillith Payne

Just One Night by Lillith Payne
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Short (140 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking, Sex in Public
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Paden Kerr wasn’t used to anyone questioning his orders; Melina didn’t adhere to the concept. Surprised by his interest in her, he wasn’t sure if she hated all men or just him. He liked his life, was responsible to no one, and planned on keeping it that way. Women were disposable and they should just accept his rules and generosity while they had his attention.

Melina wasn’t prepared for the new sensual emotions settling within her. She’d let Paden touch her in ways no other man had during a time of duress drawing her into the world of his creative, erotic lust. She’d fallen in love with him and was under no delusion, deciding to take his attentions one night at a time, never forgetting his warning.

Finally accepting his feelings, he’ll find her again and when he does, he’ll make her his permanently.

Women express feelings. Women coddle. Women can take charge and when they do, men should look out or enjoy the ride. In the case of Paden and Melina, she shows him desire beyond his wildest dreams for Just One Night.

Ms. Payne writes exciting, erotic works. This novella doesn’t disappoint. Set in the 1940’s she supercharges what could be a staid historical into a sexy romance about a woman way ahead of her time. I liked that Melina was a widow. She had baggage in her life, but once she set her mind to acceptance she blossomed. I also liked that Paden was human. We all have hard times expressing ourselves. Some of us, like Paden, can only show love when we keep the object of our affection at arm’s length. That tendency made him easy to relate to and root for.

My favorite scene was the scandalous time in the empty pool. Oh, my! Very hot!

If you want a sexy read for a cool spring night, then Just One Night is the read for you. I give this novella 4 ½ cherries.

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