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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mutiny in Chapter Three by Shelby Morgen

Mutiny in Chapter Three by Shelby Morgen
Publisher: Changeling Press
Length: Short Story (Novella)
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Humor
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Snapdragon

Amy’s having a bad year. She’s lost her husband and her job and all she’s got left is a house with a mortgage and a book that refuses to be written. But she’s got Marley Davis, a great critique partner who never gives up on her, and a dozen Chapter Threes that just need to be turned into books. If only she could get past the sex scenes.

Jean and Danny -- or whoever their names are in this chapter -- have been stuck in these files far too long. They’ve had enough. Time for the characters to take over. It’ll take everything they’ve got, and maybe a little help from Marley, to save this book, but they’re not going down without a fight. It’s Mutiny… in Chapter Three.

This snappy erotic romance features a frustrated author, her nearly-alive cast of characters (apparently doomed to relive Chapter 3 endlessly) and one seriously dedicated, critique partner, Marley. Be warned; you’ll note Marley’s presence before you are really aware of same…

Chapter three introduces the characters, and the author, er Amy, the fictitious author, is merely a distant, godlike ‘she.’ As in, she has failed to get past chapter three.

Amy’s life has taken a bad turn, and so many things seem completely out of her control; like the arguments and sexual romps that keep erupting in her latest book. Amy enjoys taunting us, with the who is or isn’t really, or for that matter – what is real? Is Danny gorgeous, available and about to pounce – or is he just a plot device? Danny worries about this, himself… while Jean – or whoever she is in chapter 3, assures him the hot hot sex is coming in the next ten pages or so…and after a great many chapter threes, which cover: Painful puns, characters arguing over their best-choice names, where (or not) dialogue tags should go, and some pretty testy interaction.

Marley’s heavy handed blue highlighter all serve to confuse and amuse.

Suddenly, chapter one. Amy, the writer, does not dawdle about with these painful chapter threes any longer, but leaps right to the sex, or attempts to; she feels she must, before she becomes a human combustible. To say more would give away some of the super surprises within, you have to read it, and if at times, you feel frustrated, annoyed, and a bit giggly all at the same time, I suspect that is just what the author, er Morgen, intended.

This story, full of all kinds of frustration, humor and sex – oh yes –quite an entertaining variety of sex. Authors might especially appreciate the humor…4 books

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