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Friday, June 12, 2009

Madame Periwinkle's Erotic Delights: Jada's Rabbit Habit by Isabella Jordan

Madame Periwinkle's Erotic Delights: Jada's Rabbit Habit by Isabella Jordan
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (87 pgs)
Other: M/F, Toys
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

Jada Danforth has a little bit of a problem. The hotel heiress has a craving for rabbit dishes. But those pesky animal rights activists have found out what she's been up to, and they still aren't letting that silly little fur coat incident from last year go. Now all the studs on the boyfriend circuit are avoiding her like she's last year's iPhone. She's not getting laid and that's a problem.

While out comfort shopping, she runs across Madame Periwinkle's Erotic Delights. The owner has just the thing for this spoiled princess -- a new type of rabbit, guaranteed to take care of her sensual needs. It even has its own customer service number. How neat!

All is well until her new toy malfunctions. She's amazed when her service call is answered in less than an hour by a very hot repairman. And man is he good with his hands. Yet Aidan Richards isn't what he seems. Can Aidan afford to trust his secrets to a woman whose every step is haunted by the media? Can she dare to hope for a man who can see beyond the heiress and the tabloids to find the woman she really is?

Fairy tales are so much fun to read, especially when they are not at all what you expect. In Madam Periwinkle’s Erotic Delights: Jada’s Rabbit Habit, I discovered a modern day fairy tale that poked fun at current celebrities and their unusual quirks. I love fractured fairy tales and any story that resembles them. In my opinion, Jada’s Rabbit Habit is a contemporary twisted tale that I could not get enough of.

Jada Danforth is a hotel heiress who I likened to Paris Hilton in my mind. Yes, she was beautiful, sexy and well-meaning in her own mind, but somehow everything she tried to do turned out wrong. I laughed as she complained about being caught wearing fur. The way poor Jada tells the stories of the paparazzi, I could just see how she thinks what she does is right. Every part of her life is scrutinized and picked apart until I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for the poor little rich girl.

Aidan Richards is a genius. Dark Hair, grey eyes, a body to kill for and oh, do I need to mention he’s a werewolf. He makes ingenious vibrators for Madam Periwinkle and does personal service on them. When Aidan makes a service call to Jada’s room his service really is first class. I loved how Aidan’s secret is revealed. I could not get the picture of his discovery by Jada out of my mind as the descriptions in the story are so vivid.

I found another diamond in the Madam Periwinkle Series with Madam Periwinkle’s Erotic Delights: Jada’s Rabbit Habit. This is definitely a fractured fairy tale worth reading.

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