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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ripping the Bodice by Inara Lavey

Ripping the Bodice by Inara Lavey
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (195 pgs)
Other: M/F, BDSM
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Xeranthemum

Got sex and romance on the brain? So does Cassandra Devon. She also has hard-boiled private eyes, dashing pirates, jet-setting super spies and other sexy rogues entertaining her in her surprisingly explicit subconscious. All these erotic daydreams make it hard to stay focused on Cassandra's current dilemma: namely, rebuffing the advances of Connor, a wild Irish rascal who wants to play the starring role in her fantasies. Cassandra is only interested in getting together with Raphael, the tall, dark and handsome man of her dreams. May the best romance hero win!

Walter Mitty meets Erica Jong in this wickedly funny and sexy hot comedy-romance from the author of Succubusted.

Ripping the Bodice is clever and witty in its use of the romance genre to explore how too much of a good thing can twist a woman’s expectations, landing her in hilarious hot water.

Ms. Lavey delighted me with her character, Cassandra. She’s an every woman with a bit of an exaggerated quest to find her perfect hero. It is that extreme romantic search that tickled my funny bone and the delivery is unique. It almost reminded me of the movie, “Romancing the Stone”, remember that? Not so much that Cassandra is the writer, she’s instead the reader, moved to read all the books in a series and imagine herself as the heroine. The use of her fantasies is a clever technique that not only entertains but moves the plot along. I’d never seen it quite used in this manner and I loved Ms. Lavey’s wild imaginings.

The conflict is her choice of two men. Oh to have that kind of dilemma. The man who captures her is as yummy as any romance book hero but better. Better because he knows Cassandra and is going to use her passions against her. I’m not going to reveal who she chooses because up until a certain point, I was never quite sure. The moment of revelation is madcap, like an I Love Lucy episode and I enjoyed the very vulnerable and real interaction between Cassandra and her true love.

The secondary characters had a life of their own and actually made the story even better. I can think of the perfect character I would love to see get well deserved comeuppances, another who I actually think deserves an HEA, someday and one I’d like to know more about. A story that leaves me wanting to know more, to want to read about the secondary characters getting their own stories speaks to well rounded writing by the author.

The imagined scenes are hot but the fireworks and explosions between the two main characters is like striking flint – you get sparks and awe. Or is that Ah!?

Ripping the Bodice will keep you entertained, giggling and appreciating the clever way Ms. Lavey used her understanding of what us readers like about reading romance. Be prepared to swoon when her man does the true heroic thing - proves that fact is hotter than fiction.


Dana Fredsti said...

Wow. I am blown away by this review and have to say that the review just made my ENTIRE WEEK! And I hope she'll tell me what characters she's talking about so I can plan a sequel!

Thank you so much for what is now my absolute favorite review!

Inara LaVey

Hagelrat said...

yup, this book was completely responsible for my recent conversion to romance!

Elle Amery said...

My mother claims the reason I liked Ripping the Bodice so much was that I relate far too well to Cassandra! Yes, please please please make this into a series *on hands and knees, begging*

Anonymous said...

I have to say that while the sex was great, Inara's real talent is the comedy. She is funny!

Lisa Lane said...

This book just keeps climbing higher and higher to the top of my TBR list.... ;-)

Other Lisa said...

I've had the pleasure of reading RTB - the fantasy sequences made me laugh out-loud - they are seriously funny!

Morgan Mandel said...

Congratulations on a great review!

Morgan Mandel

David Fitzgerald said...

Lovely review, Xeranthemum! I love this book too. It's just so sexy and funny, and as you say, it's got a great cast of characters. I'm jonsing for a sequel!