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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tally’s Gift by Elle Amery

Tally’s Gift by Elle Amery
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Length: Full Length (177 pgs)
Genre: Contemporary
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Holly

Tally Bennett's always been a giver, Brett Huntsman's always been a player. When Brett has a snowboarding accident and can't use his hands, Tally's happy to help him out-in more ways than one-but for one night and one night only.

Then Tally is asked for one more favor: take care of egotistical rich boy Brett while his broken bones heal. She just started developing her new bath and body line, Naughty Body-how is she supposed to find the time to take care of Brett and deal with his latest request: that they indulge in a six-week sex fest?

Brett always gets what he wants, and he wants sex with Tally. But a sex fest with lush, earthy Tally affects Brett in a way he never saw coming, and he's just discovered the one thing money can't buy-Tally's heart.

Can a self-centered rich boy and a self-made country girl come to learn the true meaning of giving before their differences rip them apart?

Can a small town budding entrepreneur find happiness with a rich and handsome playboy? Does she even want to? Can a playboy see behind a façade of a woman he’s known most of his life and find the inner beauty hidden from everyone? These questions and more can be answered in Tally’s Gift, the third book of Elle Amery’s Quartzton books.

Tally Bennett is beginning her new career as an entrepreneur, with her line of sensual bath and body products when her best friend Sophie calls from New York and asks her to visit her brother Brett in the hospital.

Spoiled rich boy Brett is used to having his way, with life as well as with women. But after a snowboarding accident, he is sidelined in the hospital and can barely care for himself. He gets his way where Tally is concerned and they both think that's the end of it.

Unfortunately, Sophie can’t come back to help care for her brother as planned, and asks Tally to let him stay with her for the time it will take for Brett to heal. Against her better judgement, Tally agrees to let him stay at her house. She quickly sets up ground rules of no sex between them while he is there. This becomes difficult early on and after one really difficult night of avoidance, the ground rules change. They make an agreement to have a six-week “sex fest” after which they will go their separate ways, no strings attached. But, can Tally and Brett remain friends with benefits and then go their separate ways with no regrets? The answers are in Tally’s Gift, and it is well worth reading.

Elle Amery has a talent for writing well-rounded characters, people that we can recognize as someone we may know or want to know. I loved the idea that Tally was her own person, not some cookie cutter heroine. She is eccentric, and just imperfect enough to be any woman. Tally is honest, with herself as well as with others.

Ms. Amery gives us situations of real depth and I find myself hoping to revisit Quartzton California again sometime in the future. With Tally’s Gift, she has actually gifted us with an excellent story of passion and love, and someone who feels like a friend. I would recommend that all three of the Quartzton books be a part of anyone’s library, but most especially Tally’s Gift.

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