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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tartan Mind by Selena Illyria

Tartan Mind by Selena Illyria
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: contemporary, Paranormal (Werewolves), Interracial
Length: Short (80 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 books
Review by Hibiscus

Kameron Conroy doesn't like dealing with mortals, so he's startled by the sudden urge to protect Lexi James when she comes into his pub. An attack from a werewolf leads to a passionate encounter before Lexi rushes off without a goodbye. Five years later they meet again at Conall's wedding and have another steamy hook-up.

Lexi was running away from her family when she met Kameron. Now she's back in Scotland and has taken the position of town librarian. When her ex breaks into her home, Kameron is there to save her but at a great cost to him.

Kameron has lost control of his mental abilities. Saving Lexi caused him to become trapped in his own mind. Can Lexi find help for him? Will they overcome his past wounds to be together?

For those of you who have been wanting more of the compelling Tartan Series, Tartan Mind really delivers. This is an in depth story of Kameron Conroy, his mate Lexi James and the O’Keefe pack.

I’ve been fascinated by Kameron Conroy since I’ve first read about him. Kameron is minding his own business in Brody’s pub when he is struck by the sight of Lexi James. This chance meeting allows him to become her knight in shining fur when he rescues her from the O’Connell pack. Even though he is hurt in the encounter, his only thoughts are of Lexi.

Lexi James is running away from her father and the man he wants her to marry. Unfortunately, she adds Kameron to her list when she runs from him after mating with him. I could not believe that she could stay away from Kameron for five years. Then after meeting him again, she stays away for another six months. Except for the fact that I knew why Lexi was doing what she was, I would have thought she was not worthy of Kameron’s love.

I loved how Kameron was always the alpha with Lexi. From the fight with the O’Connells to the time he sees her at the wedding and drags her off to the gazebo and even to protecting her from Michael, Kameron is strong, sexy and in-charge of the situation. My heart bled for Kameron every time he was hurt. The headaches especially had me wishing I could comfort him.

This book gives me more information on the O’Keefe pack, its members and their special circumstances. I loved hearing about Ian and Elizabeth, Robin and the Twins and the others from previous stories.

Tartan Mind is a spellbinding tale that I could not put down until I was finished. I highly recommend it and all the previous books in this entertaining series of misfits and outcasts and the family they create.

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