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Monday, June 29, 2009

Wanderlust by KyAnn Waters

Wanderlust by KyAnn Waters
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (146 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: Best Book
Review by Wisteria

The world is waiting for her…and he’s waited long enough.

Meg Snow is having hot and wild sex with Cory Traven…in her dreams.

Four years ago he had his chance for a relationship with her. Instead, he joined the military, leaving her to endure Milcott, South Dakota on her own. Now it’s her turn for adventure and a chance to banish those erotic Cory fantasies once and for all—on a singles cruise to Jamaica.

Cory has come home for what he’d denied himself four years before. Meg. But she’s made it clear she wants anyone except him. There’s only one way to show her that what she wants and what she needs are two different things. How? Storm the beaches of Jamaica. Infiltrate his way into her bed. Breach the walls of her heart.

And show her that paradise is not in the Caribbean, but in his arms.

Warning: This title contains scorching sex on the beach, in the shower, in bed, and against a wall. A hot hero with a wicked tongue who goes after what he wants and a heroine who gives it to him…again, and again and again.

Meg Snow has always had a thing for her best friend and now neighbor, Cory Traven. But she has no desire to be stuck in a one horse town for the rest of her life. She wants to travel and see the world, have adventure and be wild. When a snafoo lands her on a singles cruise that isn’t exactly what she had in mind, she needs Cory’s help to get home. Sparks fly when the duo spend time on a tropical paradise together, well away from the drab life they knew in South Dakota.

HOLY MOLY!!!!! Not only is this creation filled with hot, steamy, I-want-to-be-her love scenes, but I laughed so hard in spots I thought I was going to embarrass myself! The secondary characters were memorable and added a wonderful layer to the ongoing story between Meg and Cory. I found the realism of the characters, both H/H and the secondaries, refreshing. A totally believable and entertaining plot that has me giving a standing ovation to Ms Waters.

Rest assured that THIS reviewer will be jumping over to Ms. Waters' website to snap up more of her work. If the rest are anything even remotely as fabulous as this one, she has earned herself a new fan and a BEST BOOK rating by me. From the bottom of my heart--and laugh box--I urge you to take a peek at this story. It will, no doubt be as memorable for you as it was for me. A definite keeper I plan to re-read in the future. Thank goodness it’s e-book, or I would probably wear out the binding and have pages falling out!


KyAnn said...

THANK YOU!!! Squee! you've made my day!! And the happy glow will surely last because of this one.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

What an amazing review, KyAnn!!! I've just moved this up to the next read on my Kindle. ;-)