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Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Bark Than Bite by Melissa Hosack

More Bark Than Bite by Melissa Hosack
Publisher: Mystic Moon Press, LLC
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (77 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Amaranth

More Bark Than Bite follows a reporter's inquiry into a serial killer investigation that leads through the world of the supernatural. Reporter Morgan Phillips jumps on the opportunity to further her career when a killer plagues her city. Under the guise of needing assistance, she places herself along the predictable route of police officer Graham Audrick.

Knowing that Graham is attracted to her, Morgan attempts to charm information out of him. She gets in way over her head when her sly flirtation turns into a full out seduction by Graham. Not only is she now emotionally involved in the case, but she also discovers that the killer she'd desperately wanted information on is a werewolf bent on revenge against humanity. This supernatural murderer also has an abnormal obsession with Graham. Now worried about simply staying alive another day, Morgan learns that Graham has a few secrets of his own that may be just as dark as the killer's.

This was the first Melissa Hosack book that I have read, but I know that it will not be my last. More Bark Than Bite has it all with realistic characters, a dark conflict, humor in all the right places, and loads of passion.

Morgan is a reporter, but isn’t cunning enough to get the big stories. On the advice of a friend and co-worker, she decides to set up an “accidental” meeting with Graham, an adorable cop who has a thing for her, and pump him for information on a string of murders in the area. Morgan has an ingenious idea to get Graham alone for a while, but she quickly feels guilty about her deception, because Graham is just so nice. I could relate with her feelings of guilt, because I would have felt the same way. This is a very fast-paced book, and Morgan quickly finds herself in bed and in a serious relationship with Graham. She realizes that they are moving fast and that there is something weird going on with Graham, but she can’t help herself because it just feels right. I did feel at times that Morgan was a bit unrealistic, because everything did happen so fast, including her learning that Graham is a werewolf and mated her during their first time together. Ms. Hosack did a superb job of showing that Morgan knows that her circumstances are not normal, but again, it was right for her and Graham.

Graham is a cop and puts up a front of being a really nice, funny guy. Though that is who he really is, he doesn’t often show the dangerous animal lurking just below the surface. I loved his balance of a nice, sweet guy and dominating werewolf. His wolf has been telling him for a while that Morgan was his, but he wanted to take his time and develop a relationship with her, but once she showed an interest in him, he couldn’t hold back any longer.

More Bark Than Bite was a quick, enjoyable read. There were a few times that it became a bit unrealistic, but the characters and feelings put into the book overshadowed those few times very well. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Hosack.

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