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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pack Alpha by Crissy Smith

Pack Alpha by Crissy Smith
Publisher: Total–E–Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (72 pgs)
Other: M/F, Spanking
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Mistletoe

Book one in the Were Chronicles Series

Marissa Boyd finds herself drawn into a world she can never be a part of, complete with an Alpha wolf who takes whatever he wants. And he wants her.

Marissa Boyd knows, as a non-shifter, she doesn't belong in Pack territory. She braves a visit to attend her sister's mating ceremony and meets the shifter who will change her entire life and beliefs.

Gage Wolf knows Marissa is hiding a pained past. As Alpha, he must do whatever it takes to protect his pack, and he considers Marissa a part of that group. Making her his is just an added benefit.

When Marissa's old lover tries to claim her for his own, Gage knows he will never let her go and sets out to prove that to everyone else. Now he just has to make her understand that she belongs with the pack and to the Pack Alpha.

Reader Advisory: This book is part of a series and best read in sequence.

Marissa finds her life turned upside down when she goes back into the pack's territory while visiting her sister Elizabeth and her new mate Greg for their mating ceremony. She has vowed never to go back into any pack's territory and she hasn’t for years. She wouldn’t be there now except for her sister's mating ceremony, for Elizabeth she would bare it and what may come from it. Little did she know it would change her life forever. Pack Alpha was a great story of love, trust and acceptance.

Fending for herself for years after being thrown out of her pack for not being able to shift, Marissa finds herself entering another pack's territory. Feeling an instant attraction to the pack Alpha male, Gage, she tries to deny herself but Gage feels the same strong instant attraction to Marissa. They cannot help themselves and when she tries to leave thinking that she is protecting him. Gage stops her from going and will not take no for an answer. He tries to reassure Marissa that she is safe with his pack and that they accept her and that his pack is different from her old pack. Marissa is still afraid and will not commit to staying with him.

Gage must prove to Marissa how safe and loved she is with him and his pack. Will she finally listen to her heart and let Gage be her Alpha male? Can Marissa let the past go and have her happy ending?

Crissy Smith takes the reader on a great ride with this story. Alpha Male is a good story with a great flow and lots of character depth. It brings you in and has the reader wanting to get to know all the players. This book is defiantly a good hot read. Readers may want to be aware that this book does have some dominant sex and play in it.

If you enjoy fiery heroines and hot alpha males who will fight for what is theirs than this book is for you. I for one will be looking for more from this author. Hopefully we can hear more from the rest of the pack.

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