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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Sarran Plague by A.C. Katt

The Sarran Plague by A.C. Katt
Publisher: Eternal Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (180 pgs)
Other: M/F/M, M/M, F/M/M, Anal Sex, Menage
Rating: 3 Cherries
Review by Xeranthemum

“Even now in your flush of victory, we have sown the seeds of your defeat.” - Hanitz, Commander Zyptz Warrior Birds –Message to Brightstar

The Sarran Warriors came home from victory to genocide. The enemy had unleashed a virus fatal to all fertile fems on the Home Planet. The Sarrans mated in Triad, without fems, civilization ended. For two cycles they searched the Galaxy for a genetically compatible vessel. They found Earth. The WarriorPairs left Sarran with heavy hearts. They were told the Earthen fems were an inferior species, unable to establish the psychic bond that was essential to the triad bond.

Yet from as far out as the asteroid belt, fem voices called to the mates. They were in pain, they were dying, they had met the enemy. Admirals Jonal and Tonas were determined to obtain their fem at almost any cost; because they had already mated in her mind.

The Sarran Plague tells an interesting tale of what happens when aliens do find Earth and the surprising fact that not only aren’t we alone, we have mates amongst the stars.

The story follows various points of view as there are many characters that populate the ship that arrives to save the women of Earth.

The main romance involves Tonas and Jonal and their search for their Triad Bondmate. Inasmuch as the book focuses on a relationship with two men and a woman, this story is more about the love and romance between the two main men who captain the ship. There is even a threat to their happiness which has followed them for years and comes to a head during the suspenseful part of the book. The female, Anya, is developed only to the point where her character serves the purpose of being the one they seek. The time spent away from Anya belied the importance of her role to them and I felt that was an injustice to her character’s worth.

The secondary main character is Mark, a doctor whom Anya worked with. His role experiences a fast transition from Earthbound MD, to a key player in the drama that unfolds in space. I was a bit disconcerted as to how quickly and completely he accepted, understood and seemed to master his new role. After saying that, I still felt that his character was much more vibrant and interesting than Anya’s. And I also preferred his storyline because it contained more concrete and well written drama which kept my interest.

I enjoyed the science fiction aspect of this story but I could have done with less of the officious declarations made every time someone wanted to enter a room or change access protocol to the computer. Perhaps it was included to give an authentic feel for the military aspect and the alien environment with which Anya and the reader find themselves. That’s all right, but there is such a thing as overkill.

The imagination that went into the attacking aliens and the final weapon used to incapacitate them as well as their identification was truly genius. I enjoyed the cats and loved their role. I also felt the ending was too short and cryptic. I actually wanted more and its quick wrap up startled me. Perhaps that was the intent of the author because certainly it added more questions which need answers. If Ms. Katt writes another book about the Sarrans, specifically about TeZarron, then I’ll be in line waiting because I sensed an introduction to a tortured hero who needs saving.

The Sarran Plague is a book which will appeal to readers who enjoy stories about a love between two men that survive the odds even when their happiness is under attack from rivals, enemies and betrayals from those they should have been able to trust. Good conflict, exciting resolution and a satisfactory HEA.

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