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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Somebody Killed His Editor by Josh Lanyon

Somebody Killed His Editor by Josh Lanyon
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (191 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Zinnia

The road back to bestsellerdom can be deadly.

Holmes & Moriarity, Book 1

Thanks to an elderly spinster sleuth and her ingenious cat, Christopher Holmes has enjoyed a celebrated career as a bestselling mystery writer. Until now. Sales are down and his new editor is allergic to geriatric gumshoes.

On the advice of his agent, he reinvents his fortyish, frumpy, recently dumped self into the sleek, sexy image of a literary lion, and heads for a Northern California writers conference to try and resurrect his career. A career nearly as dead as the body he stumbles over in the woods.

In a weirdly déjà vu replay of one of his own novels, he finds himself stranded in an isolated lodge full of frightened women—and not a lawman in sight. Except for J.X. Moriarity, former cop and bestselling novelist. The man with whom he shared a one-night stand—okay, maybe three—long ago. The man who wants to arrest him for murder.

A ruthless, stalking killer, or a hot, handsome ex-lover. Which poses the greater danger? It’s elementary, my dear Holmes!

Warning: This book contains a washed-out bridge, an isolated hunting lodge, desperate writers, guilty secrets, a killer on the loose, and one very hot ex-cop who wants his former lover in handcuffs—for all the wrong reasons!

From the beginning of the story, when Christopher Holmes crosses a rickety foot bridge that is rapidly being flooded by water, and worries more about his Bruno Magli boots than the very real possibility that he's going in the river, I knew that the story was not going to be the usual sleuth-aha!

Josh Lanyon has created two memorable characters in his depiction of fussy Christopher Holmes and hunky J. X. Moriarity. The men are former lovers unexpectedly reunited at a weekend retreat for writers. The secondary characters are equally well drawn to the point that I recognized several players as clones from my own world.

Moriarity, an ex-cop, has gone on to bestseller status. Holmes has fallen from bestseller status and is attending the festivities because his editor says he must suck up to a new publisher and land a contract for a new series (yet to be plotted or planned).

First let me say this: the story is fun. The author uses first person narrative, so we get to hear the grousing, grumblings, and yearnings of faltering author, Kit Holmes.

Second, the mystery--solving a double-murder that happens at the resort while all are stranded and cut off from civilization--is well plotted, offering plenty of clues without relying on coincidence or fortuitous happenings.

I felt the rekindling of romance between Moriarity and Holmes was sweet, but a little underdeveloped and rushed. Since this is Book 1 in a new Lanyon series, I look forward to more back story about the lovers break up, and will enjoy future adventures as they solve crimes together.

I highly recommend this book. It is cleanly edited, fun to read, and an interesting insider's tongue-in-cheek look at writing.

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