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Friday, September 25, 2009

Kaydana and the Ruby of Beguilement by Nyki Blatchley

Kaydana and the Ruby of Beguilement by Nyki Blatchley
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (45 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Multiple Partners
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Snowdrop

How do you choose between love and desire?

Young sorceress, Kaydana, is caught in a darkly dangerous romance with King she longs to free herself from even while she enjoys it, and Makreth won't let her go without a fight.

Attempting to escape, she's seduced by an enslaved winged woman, and loses her magical staff in the process.

Emmerin offers to recover the staff in return for Kaydana's help, but will that deal come with a price she's not willing or able to pay? And how will she escape the dark desire when forced to face down Makreth again?

An action packed, scorcher.

Kaydana and the Ruby of Beguilement is just that: an action packed scorcher. Kaydana the sorceress is rather confused, she's always been independent and self-sufficient so discovering she has a submissive streak is disconcerting for her to say the least. This self-discovery prompts her to escape. As a fantasy fan I found this to be an interesting twist on the fantasy plot line. Seeing how Kaydana was treated along with how she is excited, and yet repulsed at herself for being so. Her confusion gave an interesting depth to her character.

Because this was only a forty-five page story, it moved along at a fast clip. Unlike some shorts the speed of the story didn't detract from the plot or my interest, but added to it, keeping me on the edge of my seat and deeply involved. I read it through in one sitting wanting to know how it ended. Although the second book in the series it can be read as a stand alone, but after reading it you'll probably go back and read the first one.

Nyki Blatchley is a very talented author and I look forward to reading the next installment of Kaydana's story. I'd recommend this book to anyone who's a fan of erotica and fantasy as this book is a good mix of both.

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Dena said...

It sounds like a quick-paced fun read. Great review.