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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shifter Sisters (Collection) by Sierra Dafoe

Shifter Sisters (Collection) by Sierra Dafoe
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (212 pgs)
Other: M/F, Ménage, Voyeurism
Rating: Best Book
Review by Holly

One's a canine. One's a cat. And one's a vampire who hates the sight of blood. Together, they're the Shifter Sisters, a hard-rocking band of misfits who stand by each other when the chips are down -- no matter how much the fur might fly the rest of the time!

Luna, the band's drummer and a werewolf by birth, has a talent for hooking up with men who only let her down -- until a sexy Irish songwriter convinces Lu she's finally found The One. But how are you supposed to land the man of your dreams when you really do turn into a bitch at "that time of the month"? And can you ever find love while hiding half of who you are?

Tori hasn't exactly had a great time with men, either -- in fact, the last time she let a man steal her heart, she went to his bed a virgin and woke up a vampire. Now, though, she's being pursued by a wealthy, mysterious stranger, and Tori finally has to admit she's tempted. But what is up with Drake Foster? One minute, he's charming and witty; the next, he's arrogant, demanding, and even sexier than before. Is he just one more supernatural bastard out to fuck with her life -- or has Tori, all unwittingly, found two new chances at love?

Furious that Tori got the man she wanted, Persia is determined to find a beau who can outshine even Drake Foster. Which won't be easy; he'll have to be handsome, suave, sexy, romantic, powerful -- and rich. In the meantime, there's young, luscious Billy Gruff, a perfect consolation for her wounded pride. But when Billy takes her home to meet his brothers, Persia finds herself with an abundance of mouthwatering choices... enough choices to cool even this keyboard-playing kitten's wanderlust!

This collection contains the previously released novellas Sex and the Single Werewolf; Once Bitten, Twice Shy; and Stray Cat Strut.

They are like no other girl group ever. The Shifter Sisters is a rock trio with a definite difference. They play bars and small clubs, and move on when they need to, which is whenever one of them makes a mistake. They call Portland, Maine, home for now, and hopefully that can stay the same for a while. They pack Geno’s night after night, these three unusual ladies: Luna, the drummer, a five foot ten inch werewolf; bass player Victoria, a tall and lovely vampire; and vocalist and guitarist Persia, a curvy and voluptuous woman who becomes a white cat at a whim. This collection of three previously released books tell their stories, and gives a glimpse into the lives of these three that are all the family they have.

Sex and the Single Werewolf is Lu’s tale. Lu is forever picking the wrong man, and in Portland, the wrong man is Rick. After she catches him cheating, she bites him in the rear (as a wolf) and goes home. She knows she has to pick a better class of guy, but how many are willing to date a girl who is a real bitch once a month. Can Luna find he one love and her happy ever after?

Once Bitten, Twice Shy: The first time Tori fell in love, she gave her heart, her virginity and her human life. That was her first and last try at love. Now she’s sort of adopted Lu and Persia and they are her family, but once in a while she wishes for more. Then a mysterious man, Drake Foster, begins wooing her. But his mood swings have her confused, and she is not easily fooled. Can Tori find happiness with him? Is he more than he seems?

Stray Cat Strut is Persia's signature tune when The Shifter Sisters perform. It doesn’t matter to her that Lu and Tori hate the song, she is determined to have her way. Persia needs attention like plants need rain. When Lu and then Tori find love, Persia runs away in search of her own man. What she gets is so much more than she bargains for. Can Persia finally settle down and be happy in the Gruff family?

Sierra Dafoe has written three of the most delightful, hilarious and outrageous characters in Lu, Tori and Persia. Portland, Maine will never be the same without these three. The local color is wonderful, and I’m betting Ms. Dafoe has spent some time in the area herself to be so descriptive in these three stories. I enjoyed the interaction between the three women, even when they weren’t getting along with each other. I could still see the affection each had for the others, and there were times when the two shifters showed characteristics of their other side. Persia was “catty” even when she was human, and Lu showed her vulnerable side, especially in her choice of the wrong man over and over.

The heat level for the sex goes through the roof at times. Can you say fire extinguisher? Keep one handy! Do they each get their man, or men? I’ll just say that there are three happy ever afters and let you read The Shifter Sisters and judge for yourself.


Sierra Dafoe said...

Oh, wow! I've been offline all week, pounding on the keyboard. What a lovely treat to get on the internet and find your review. Thanks so much, Holly!

-- Sierra

Debra Glass said...

A fab review for a fab author! Congrats, Sierra!

Regina said...

Hi, Sie!

What a wonderful thing for you!! It was a great series, I was hooked from the first book! LOL I just returned from a whirlwind tour of Scotland and can barely type, I'm so tired but I had to congratulate you.