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Friday, October 16, 2009

Destined Hearts by Tonya Ramagos

Destined Hearts by Tonya Ramagos
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: 176 pages
Other: M/F, M/F/M, M/F/F, F/F, M/M, F/M/M, Ménage, Multiple Partners
Rating: 4 cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Calliope wants only to join with her true love. The prettiest and youngest of Goddess Queen Ina's daughters, she watched as her sisters found their mates the nights of their joining celebration. Now her night has finally arrived. Her true heart, however, does not show.

When an anonymous note leads her on a mission of discovery, what she finds is a world of ecstasy she has never known. Not one but two mysterious strangers await her, both with the powers to send her heart and her hormones on a rapturous ride. Will she be forced to choose between the domineering, electrifying Reinn and the gentler but no less tantalizing Bronwen? Or can she keep them both?

She’s living with a curse. Both men have their own curses. How do they go together? Could she give her heart to both men? Want to know more? You have to read Destined Hearts.

Ms. Ramagos writes an intriguing novella filled with fanciful descriptions and characters you won’t forget. Her descriptions are rich with details, making you feel like you’ve stepped into their world. I couldn’t put this novella down.

Calliope has a curse. To break the curse, she must face the monsters. Reinn and Bronwen both believe they are the key to her curse, yet they both are in love with her. Will the emotions they share bring them together or destroy everything? Only Calliope knows the answer.

Reinn, the wolfshifter, has control issues. The reader can identify with him because we all have those things we need to control. Bronwen, a vampire, cannot share the sunshine Calliope brings to his life. She wants loved. Don’t we all? The reader can empathize with their desires.

The love scenes in this story are initially and emotionally rough, but as the story progresses and the characters get to know each other, the passion and love sizzle. You want to see them make the relationships work.

If you want a sexy read filled with fanciful characters and steamy scenes, then you have to read Destined Hearts. I give this read 4 cherries.

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