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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eternal Embrace by Ann Lory

Eternal Embrace by Ann Lory
Publisher: Linden Bay Romance LLC
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (270 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Mistletoe

One sip… One taste of eternity…

Eternal, Book 1

Dimitri Alexios lives alone in his San Francisco mansion, if one could call seething with hate for his maker living. Until he beholds the mortal woman who appears on his doorstep. Her gentleness brings light to his darkness, and her innocence calls to him. Yet she knows nothing of his world, or the dangerous predator that constantly rages within him.

Museum curator Cassie Stephens, sent to catalog antiques at the Alexios estate, is surprised to discover Dimitri is anything but the old man she expected. He’s handsome and darkly mysterious, not the sort who’s usually attracted to her girl-next-door looks. Yet she’s ensnared by his irresistible charm—which makes it all the more crushing when he suddenly pushes her away.

Dimitri knows he’s doing the right thing, but it’s too late. Cassie’s passion has touched a heart he thought no longer capable of love. Now he must turn his strength to a deadly task: a battle to save the woman he loves from the maker who would love nothing more than to rip her away from him…
Product Warnings

This book contains vampire battles and mindless minions that do their bidding. Snakes, but they’re not on a plane. AND a melt in your mouth, yummy vampire that will bite.
Who isn't looking for that true eternal love in their life? This story proves that if you want it badly enough you can find it. Now keeping it is another story. Are you strong enough to find it and keep it? Would you risk everything for that love? Eternal Embrace is a beautiful story of two people doing just that, risking everything for love.

Dimitri has lived years upon years without the hope of finding love. He's been living in despair since his maker Gabrielle brought him over. She abandoned him early in his new life and only shows up to torment him every few years. Then one night after agreeing to let a museum show some of his art he meets the woman assigned the job of cataloging and choosing some of the pieces. Dimitri is taken aback at just how lovely she is and something about her calls to him. Cassie is just as flustered as Dimitri is upon their meeting. He is the most handsome and intriguing man she has ever met. As Dimitri and Cassie try to understand their feelings for each other and what to do about them they must also deal with Gabrielle. Who has suddenly become very jealous and vindictive.

Dimitri must find a way to tell Cassie of his true nature and hopes that once he tells her she will not run from him in fear. Once Cassie knows, she must get past her fears and decide if she can handle Dimitri's secret. But their decisions may be taken from them once Gabrielle springs her trap. Cassie and Dimitri must rely on good friends to help them through it all. Will Cassie accept Dimitri as he is? Will survive Gabrielle's evil manipulations?

Ann Lory has woven a beautiful tale of love and hate. I was drawn into her magical world right from the beginning. With characters that I learned to love or hate this story took me on a wonderful ride.

Cassie was a spirited young woman with great loyalty and Dimitri was a great Alpha male who learned to trust and fight for what he wanted. Even to the point of laying his own heart on the line. All the characters in this book stood out on their own; Each one of them so full of depth and courage. I just loved Dimitri’s manservant Rowlin. A great man in his own right Rowlin was always ready to help and loyal to the end. I especially loved the interaction between Rowlin and Cassie. Their friendship came so quickly and easily. I hope that Rowlins gets his own story told soon and I cannot wait to read Jacques story. Of course the villains are just as easy to hate. From the jealousy of both Gabrielle and Craig to their hatred of Dimitri and Cassie they are definitely easy to hate and prove that they are not to be taken lightly. The action in this story was great and at times I found myself getting antsy wondering what would happen next. I would have enjoyed a bit more action myself but all in all this was a good read full of courage and love. I will definitely be looking for more books from this author.

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