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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Family Jewel by Raina James

The Family Jewel by Raina James
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short (100 Pages)
Other: Multiple Partners, Voyeurism, Public Exhibition, F/M/M/M/M, M/F/M, M/M
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by: Jasmine

On Kalaria, native-born women are a rarity, and Kalaria's Council of Elders is ever-vigilant that only the best and the strongest clans qualify for a precious Jewel.

Jerran, Loran, Mikah and Kai -- leader, healer, trader and warrior -- have worked long and hard to win a Jewel, despite Jerran's "taint" of off-world heritage. Beautiful and seductive, trained from girlhood to be all things to her mates, Shantay is everything half-brothers Jerran and Kai and lovers Mikah and Loran desired.

But jealousy and greed are universal. Because of the machinations of a vindictive courtesan, Shantay is ripped away from her mates by a slaver eager to cash in on the value of a rare and priceless Kalari Jewel, rumored to be the ultimate sex slave.

Her men will follow her into space itself to reclaim The Family Jewel.

What’s that old Shakespearean saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”? Shakespeare might have had Zahra in mind when he contemplated the meaning behind the above statement.

In Raina James’ The Family Jewel, Zahra is the vindictive courtesan who conspires against the Black Moon Clan to rip them of Shantay, their Family Jewel. Thrown into a life of slavery against her will and angered by her inability to free herself from the chains that bind her to the evil slave trader, Killian Osphren and Madam Ourtay’s brothel, Zahra’s jealousy, greed, and misperceptions about the life of Kalarian women lead her down a path of destruction. The only question that remains is will it be the destruction of the Blackmoon Clan or the destruction of Zarha? Only time will tell.

The Family Jewel is a book that every man should read when learning how to treat a woman. The men are loving, caring, respectful, and most importantly true to their word. Although the sex is scorching hot, the men cherish Shantay, their Family Jewel, in all the ways a woman should be cherished instead of treating her like a servant or a slave. The emotional bond that develops between all of the characters brings the story full circle. I love how the words dominant, stubborn, and possessive are used to describe Jerran, Loran, Mikah, and Kai, even though their actions prove time and time again that Shantay is the most precious woman in the world to them. In addition, I love how the men welcome her presence and seek her advice on matters that not only affect them individually, but also affect their polyamorous relationship.

Our heroine Shantay is anything but weak. She’s wise beyond her years, has the patience to learn what each of her men need and is able to provide it without losing herself. When she is captured, the reader is able to witness her feistiness and unwillingness to fold at the hands of a malevolent slave trader. But most importantly, never does she lose her faith and trust in her men that they will come for her and when they do, her actions reflect the Queen that she truly is to not only to her men, but also to the Black Moon Clan.

This book warms my heart and puts a smile on my face. The words flow over the pages, smooth, like butter over bread. The scene with Killian Osphren, the malicious slave trader, is so intense that it had me biting my fingernails wondering if her men would get there in time to save her. The ending is awesome and the reason I can’t elaborate more is because I’m afraid that I’ll give too much away. But I will say that Ms. James throws the reader a couple of curve balls toward the end that make you respect and fall in love with the heroine even more just by her actions. So for those of you who have not read Ms. James’ The Family Jewel, you need to finish this review and go purchase it immediately. I’m still smiling as I type this review because of how wonderful The Family Jewel made me feel. The spirit and warmth of the heroine and heroes have the ability to ease whatever troubles you’re struggling with and bring a sense calm, peace, warmth, and love to your heart.

This is definitely a book that you will read more than once and I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends. Two thumbs up to Raina James.

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Raina James Romance said...

Jasmine, thank you so much for your wonderful review of The Family Jewel. I'm glad you enjoyed it; more importantly, you've humbled me with your kind words. I hope all my readers come away from reading my stories with such feelings.