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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hunted Witness by Carol Storm

Hunted Witness by Carol Storm
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (61 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Review by: Xeranthemum

Party girl Jasmine Dumont witnesses a murder at a sexy Cuban dance club. Tough ex-cop Adam Black must keep her alive until she can testify. But with the two of them cooped up on a tiny island in the romantic Florida Keys, Jasmine's daring desires and Adam's pent-up passions soon build into a blaze of longing that could consume them both!

Hunted Witness has an interesting premise, a hunky hero, and a heroine in a bit of a pickle.

Jasmine’s character is a combination of street smarts, innocence, Pollyanna sunshine, and a sexy vixen who won’t say no to new ideas. She’s also in trouble, but can’t give the good guys the heads up because she can’t remember a thing. What she does remember is hunky ex-cop, Adam. And she lets him know she’s not too keen on him being in the picture.

Adam has a chip on his shoulder, an unrequited bout of lust he’s determined to fight and yet wants to assuage, and a protective instinct a mile wide. He wants to be a superman but is more average like any guy you’d actually know. That’s why I liked him. He talks tough, is built like a walking wet dream but in the end, is perfectly, frustratingly human.

The bad guy was a surprise. I mean he is a bad guy but the true villainy comes from left field and even worse there are worse bad guys that totally surprised me and kept me amazed. There’s classic irony mixed in as well. Bravery isn’t always for the well trained and stoic. Sometimes the best defense is pure chance and adrenaline. Kept the pages turning, that’s for sure.

I will say that the flow of reading was interrupted with choppy and abrupt scene changes. Some of the dialogue seemed confusing and some didn’t always ring true with the characters. That being said, there was more than enough intrigue, fast paced plot development and a terrific culmination that embraced emotional growth, love and a strong guarantee of an HEA as soon as one of them recovered fully, that kept me committed to the story and its outcome.

Hunted Witness is a solid story with a hero and a heroine that I enjoyed reading about. It brought with it some surprises, some hot loving and the idea that being bad can be really good. I’m glad I read it.

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