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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heaven Sent 6: Revelations by Jet Mykles

Heaven Sent 6: Revelations by Jet Mykles
Publisher: Loose ID
genre: Contemporary
Length Full Length (216 pgs)
Other: F/M/M, F/M, M/M, M/F/M, Menage
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Ambrosia

For years, Gretchen’s main objective has been taking care of the boys of Heaven Sent. When her boys decide to take a hiatus, she decides to do the same.

Before she can begin her summer off, Gretchen has one last public commitment. There, she meets tall, mysterious, and wickedly handsome Archer Thanos. Archer’s company has a video game based on Heaven Sent and he’s has been trying to get in touch with her to discuss it. Their first meeting quickly turns into a discussion of another type … in a nearby hotel room, sending Gretchen headlong into a whirlwind affair she hadn’t anticipated.

Only, someone isn’t exactly thrilled about Gretchen and Archer’s romance. Gretchen’s adorable new assistant, Owen, has been pining for his boss since he started working for her but he hasn’t had the courage to assert himself and tell her he wants her. As a result, Gretchen is completely blind to his feelings for her. And after meeting Archer, Owen knows he has no chance against the handsome devil. His own attraction to the older man is instant and overwhelming, the bisexual urges he hasn’t divulged to Gretchen fully awakening.

Owen thinks he’s not enough for Gretchen. Gretchen thinks Owen is far too young for her. Archer thinks they’re both ridiculous. He knows the three of them are just right for each other, if they can survive the revelations.

WOW, what a revelation! Talk about two hot and horny hunks and one lucky lady, the recipients of all the luck! Emotions fly as one man struggles with the possible loss of his love interest while another revels in his conquest, and an adventurous woman battles to keep the walls around her heart.

Great plot! This terrific trio starts out with a villainous tall, dark, and handsome hunk who appears to lead the show, while sweeping our heroine off her feet for a night of raw sex. Adding cards to the stack, in comes her lovely male assistant who shows sensitivity few men reveal. She wants them both, unable to choose between them.

Managing a rock band, Gretchen’s seen it all, envying the men their free and modern attitudes towards sex, gay or bi-sexual, until she get the chance to have it all…and then some. Meeting Archer at a dull business party, she finds her engines revving up for a night of hot bliss, not knowing that the other man she’s interested is dying inside for fear of losing her for good because he couldn’t find the courage to tell her how he truly feels about her.

Her assistant for years, Owen curses himself, ashamed he didn’t make a move on her before the swarthy hunk did until Archer enters Gretchen’s office when she is absent and gives Owen an offer he can’t refuse; the chance to have both Archer and Gretchen at the same time!

Neither one of the trio expect more than fun, sex, and more unleashed passion, but soon they realize their love for each other until lies come between them that could destroy their budding relationships and send them crashing down alone.

You’re going to need tissues for this one. It’s a book you won’t be able to put down! I give it 5 Cherries for a great plot, steamy sex scenes that make you squirm in your seat, and perhaps might make you want to change into something a little more…comfortable! Well done.

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