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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hialeah Heat by Carol Storm

Hialeah Heat by Carol Storm
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary, Multicultural/Interracial
Length: Short Story (76 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking, Anal play
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Gillyflower

All Kick wants is to help her father win the election. But when the gorgeous Cuban hunk who comes to her bed in secret turns out to be her father's most dangerous political opponent, the cool career woman with the submissive streak finds herself plunged into a whirlpool of lies, scandal, and deadly intrigue.

If you are looking for an erotic quickie with depth, look no further. Hialeah Heat is it.

Kathleen “Kick” Sullivan is the fair Irish daughter of a philandering Florida politician. She has been working as his campaign manager. Kathleen also secretly meets up with “The Master”, and thrills to being slave to the dark-skinned Dom. As Kick says, “the girls at school always used to whisper about the exotic allure of Cuban men. They called it Hialeah heat.” And Ms. Storm brings on that heat. She and the Master enact many scenes, which always end with Kick being spanked to her satisfaction by the cop, the teacher or other authority figure, and then loved to her great delight. These two sizzle together! Of course the identity of The Master is central to the plot, which limits what I can tell you here about her lover, lest I ruin it for you.

But while Hialeah Heat started out along the lines of a Penthouse letter, Ms. Storm was not afraid to tackle the issues facing a young professional woman in that old boys’ club of political campaigns, or the evolving mix of Miami’s population, as Kick tries to get her father to focus on the needs of the Cuban and Haitian immigrants and residents. Moving from the sometimes seedy world of backroom politics to mingling with the crowds, Kick is good at what she does. She struggles to be recognized for it, to maintain her position in her father’s campaign, and to bring her father’s platform into the twenty-first century. Of course the trope of the modern woman who secretly thrills to submission has been done, but Ms. Storm treats it with relative aplomb. At one point, when they are in their public personas, The Master tells Kick just to let something pass. Kick tells him no, because she “know[s] that when it counted she was his equal and not his slave” (at least outside the bedroom).

That said, there were a few things about the picture Ms Storm paints in Hialeah Heat of running a campaign (though we’re never told for what office), that simply strain credulity. Most notably, as her father’s campaign manager and a skilled political operative, I found it unlikely that Kick would be as uninformed about the opposition as she is. So while the political circuit was a great setting for a love story, I found Ms. Storm’s writing to be somewhat na├»ve about the reality of such a race. But this isn’t a documentary, and the political race provided an excellent forum for Ms. Storm to explore several current day issues and provide numerous obstacles for Kick and the Master to overcome, all alongside a super steamy love story. I will definitely be looking forward to more books by Ms. Storm!

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