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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Bite of Silence by Mary Hughes

The Bite of Silence by Mary Hughes
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday
Length: Short Story (83 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Times Square on New Year’s Eve. A million partiers chanting the final seconds. This year, it’s a countdown to death.

My name is Twyla Tafel and I’ve uncovered an insane plot to unleash berserk vampires on those unsuspecting revelers. I have to stop it, armed only with my great admin skills, my useless art degree—and Nikos, a severely hot vampire who I’d love to photograph as a Spartan king roaring his muscular challenge at the Persians.

But Nikos has issues, if you know what I mean. Roadblocks in his psyche that say stop when all I want is go-go-go. See “severely hot”, above.

Although if I finally break through Nikos’s reserve, I may get more than I bargained for. He’s seriously big, seriously built, and more than just a tad dominant. Still, it’s time to push my limits and find out who I really am, so I’m willing to try…I think. I’m sure. I’m mostly sure. Until he starts stalking me with those sable bedroom eyes and long, sharp fangs—!

Warning: Contains 50% high-voltage sex by volume. 10g seriously hot Greek vampire, 4g curvy, competent heroine, 7g explosive action and gritty language. Made on equipment used to process snarky comments. Some light bondage may occur during handling.

Imagine Times Square, New Year’s Eve, packed with people. Twyla Tafel wants to experience the big night, just once, and when her cousin is convinced to let her spend a few nights, she heads for the Big Apple from tiny Meiers Corners for the adventure of her life.

On the plane, she encounters Nikos, one very hot vampire. Yes vampire. Twyla knows they exist; her friend Nixie is married to one. But when she discovers a plot to create pure havoc during the New Year’s celebration, it takes everything she and Nikos and an amazing cast of characters can do to stop it. Will Twyla and Nikos be able to keep the city safe from rampaging out of control vampires as the ball drops? Will Twyla choose Nikos or modelboy Klaus for her hot time? Can Twyla convince Nikos they have a future together when they return to Meiers Corners?

Mary Hughes has such a sense of the absurd. In this latest book in the Biting Love series, she gives us Twyla Tafel. Twyla is a strong and sensual woman, willing to do what needs to be done to protect those she cares about, and even those she doesn’t even know. Twyla is a heroine who knows what, and who, she wants, and goes for it full out. Once she realizes Nikos is interested, there’s no going back. She has the tenacity of her strong German heritage, and the street savvy of her African American side going for her.

When the plot to control the vampires in New York City, causing a mass attack on New Year’s, comes to light, she joins with Nikos, a real Spartan commander and her band of friends and experts to foil the plot. Of course, this wouldn’t be a Biting Love book without lots of hot and steamy sex and some biting of various body parts included.

This one made me laugh, made me sit on the edge of my seat waiting to see just how they would stop the evil plot. There are several fun twists here and there and a sub plot about Klaus and his group (yes, he is a vampire, too). If you want a fun read to enjoy as the New Year comes, this one fills the bill quite nicely. But be warned-this one is filled with puns and fun and hot vampire sex. I highly recommend to all.

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Mary Hughes said...

Thanks, Holly, for reading The Bite of Silence and your terrific review and recommendation! - Mary