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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Craft of the Wise 4: Healing Hearts by Dee Carney

The Craft of the Wise 4: Healing Hearts by Dee Carney
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (64 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

In the final book of The Craft of the Wise series, the coven will use whatever methods are available to them to ensure the permanent safety of witchdom.

Unpredictable Devin “the Devil” Remington, a cursed werewolf, might provide them the edge they need. Only his curse makes him a danger to not just the demons, but the witches and werewolves seeking his help, too. Can the coven's healer, Selena Owen, help him find a way to break the curse and remain by her side forever?

Selena Owen is a healer. She doesn’t believe she is as important as the others, both witches and werewolves, who are fighting the demons and trying to save the world.

Ava is coming into her power, and along with her mate Aaron, they are preparing to meet Aaron’s brother. But it seems more like they are preparing for battle, because Aaron’s brother Devin is more than just a werewolf, he is also demon cursed. At any moment the demon can possess him and endanger everyone. It will take the power of all of the witches and wolves to stop the threat, and prevent Ava’s cousin Dina from sending the demons through the rip between the realms to conquer our world.

Can Selena heal the demon curse in Devin, and between them, will they be able to stop the threat and secure a measure of safety for all? Or will Devin prove to be the undoing of it all?

This is the final book in the Craft of the Wise series from Dee Carney. She continues to provide strong and courageous heroines and hot and virile heroes for our enjoyment. Selena sees herself as the least powerful of the coven, as she is a healer, not imbued with powers like the witches.

When she finds herself drawn beyond all reasoning to Devin, she is determined to help him as well as do whatever it takes to stop Dina in her quest to take over and destroy what is dear to them all. Ms Carney writes her characters with passion and feeling, and when these two people unite, the world rocks.

I love these stories, and I hope she chooses to revisit this world down the way. I love the way Dee Carney writes her sexy scenes; hot, steamy and action packed. And when the final solution becomes clear, it is pure simplicity at its best and brightest.

Does Selena heal Devin of his demon curse and live happy ever after with him? You’ll have to get this one to find out for sure. But bring the cold drinks and a fan for comfort, because this one is really hot!

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D Carney said...

This review just made my day! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!!