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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dangerous Ground 2: Old Poison by Josh Lanyon

Dangerous Ground 2: Old Poison by Josh Lanyon
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Story (102 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Review by Cactus

Special Agents for the Department of Diplomatic Security, Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt have been partners and best friends for three years, but everything changed during a weeklong camping trip. Now Taylor and Will are trying to see if true love is in the cards or if it's just sex. Really, really good sex, granted!

But when Taylor receives a cobra bottled in rice wine for the birthday he nearly didn't live to see, Will fears that something in Taylor's past—something Taylor won't talk about—is going to put an end to their chance of a future romance. Or any future at all.

Just when Taylor and Will are finally comfortable, Taylor’s past threatens their future. It’s been a few weeks since Taylor and Will almost died during their camping trip. Although that trip proved dangerous, it also helped cement their physical relationship. Will finally gave in to his feelings for Taylor and the two are now comfortably in a good, happy relationship. Unfortunately a past Taylor has tried to keep hidden comes back and threatens their future together.

This is a sequel to Dangerous Ground, but Old Poison can easily be read on its own. In fact I had forgotten a lot of what went on in Dangerous Ground – except I knew I had loved the characters and story – so thankfully here the sequel offers any information you’d need to remember the other book or catch up if you’re starting with this one. Old Poison begins with a bang and doesn’t let up.

There is a lot of action and information thrown at you but it’s still easy to follow along and enjoy the ride. There are several sex scenes that are fun to read but lose something in the translation since there are numerous euphemisms used, such as driving a car and pressing the pedal. I personally would have preferred less flowery prose and more direct language but the prose choices are not distracting. Furthermore the story itself is light and easy. Both men have side cases to investigate that have little bearing on the main storyline but take up time in the story and give it more length. While these are completely unnecessary and space filling, they are not detrimental per se, merely fluff.

The characters are once again the stars of this particular story. Taylor’s gruff exterior hides a sensitive heart while Will’s overly cautious and analytical mind takes everything slowly and carefully. The men are well crafted but not much further developed from the first book. Very little has changed except Will is more comfortable with his choice to be with Taylor, even though Will often struggles with himself over his choices. Unfortunately once again it takes a death scare for one of the men to make a deeper commitment, which is slightly frustrating since that’s what it took in the first book for the two to finally be together as well. Considering there is another book coming featuring these two, I hope future offerings have these two mature enough to make choices and decisions without the need for potential death to shock them into decisions.

However for these faults the book is still easy, guilt-free fun. The fast pace action and witty dialogue keeps the story moving along and over any potential bumps. The few problems I had didn’t take away too much enjoyment and still have me wanting more of these two sexy men and their antics, just as I expect fans will also feel the same way. This particular offering doesn’t add much to the characters or their relationship but it’s still delicious and enjoyable. Pick this up and indulge in some great men.

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