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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Devarian Collection by Sierra Dafoe

Devarian Collection by Sierra Dafoe
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (417 pgs)
Other: M/F, Ménage, M/F/M, M/M, BDSM
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Holly

Under the laws of the Nine-Star League, all men are slaves. But when Captain Soleyla Devarian, a captain of the elite League Guardians, falls in love with her new pleasure-slave, Kantou, she begins to question the very League she is sworn to uphold. On Antoros, a newly discovered world in the far reaches of the galaxy, Soleyla finds herself equally drawn to Rolen, the fiery, passionate leader of the Antorean rebels the Guardians have been ordered to crush.

Now Soleyla's trapped between two alluring men and their conflicting desires -- and there's only one way to fulfill them both -- by overthrowing the very League itself!

In a deadly face-off between mother and daughter, Soleyla finally learns the shocking fate of Danel, her first pleasure-slave -- and discovers that Rachel Devarian holds Kantou's fate in her cold grasp as well. Can Soleyla find a way to save her beloved Kantou, or must she sacrifice the men she loves to save the galaxy from her mother's tyranny?

Imagine a world where women rule, where men serve only two purposes. After a disastrous future where men ruined the planet, women have subjugated them to be either gelded farm workers or gorgeous pleasure slaves. This is the future world where the books in the Devarian collection take place, and it is an intriguing world indeed.

In Devarian Exile, Captain Soleyla Devarian is sent to the planet of Antoros, under the guise of exploration and support of the existing base. It is actually punishment by her mother, First Senator of the Nine Star League. Before embarking on the voyage, Soleyla buys a pleasure slave to accompany her on the journey. Kantou is looking for someone to he can devote himself to, give himself heart and soul. He was badly treated by his former owner, and Soleyla finds that she wants to be that someone. On Antoros, Soleyla encounters Rolen, leader of the rebel band she has been ordered to convert or crush. Torn by her feelings for both men, will Soleyla follow the League directives, or can she break free of her training and preconceived notions and fight for a better society?

In Devarian Uprising, Soleyla finds that there are others who don’t believe in the enslavement of men, and who are willing to follow her lead to form a better society, one where men are no longer enslaved. With Rolen and Kantou and her followers, they set out to take over the base and start changing things for the better. Who will be sacrificed in the battles ahead? Can Soleyla keep her promise to care for Kantou, even in the heat of battle, or will he become a casualty as well?

In Devarian Revolution, the rebellion is moving ahead and overcoming opposition quickly. As her forces grow and conquer, Soleyla confronts her mother one final time, but is shocked to find that Rachel has captured Kantou, and broken his spirit. Can Soleyla free Kantou once more, and spend the rest of her life with someone she loves? And will the band of rebels find what they are seeking as well?

Devarian Pleasure-Slave tells the tale of Merkun, the slave trader and how he became the successful trader he is. Was he always a tradesman, or were his beginnings somewhat less illustrious?

Devarian Renegades is the history of the settlement of rebels on Antoros, and how they came to be there. It is the story of the first defection from the Nine Leagues and shows just how far some women in this futuristic society were willing to venture for a better life, a life of love and freedom.

Sierra Dafoe is a master of hot and steamy romance. It doesn’t make any difference whether she is pairing a man and a woman, two men, or any other combination of the participants, her stories are always enthralling. This collection is no exception.

I love the strength of the women in these five episodes, and I love that they are willing to risk so much not only for their men but for their society. Soleyla sees injustice and makes a decision that it is time to fix what is wrong with this society. It doesn’t bother her to confront her mother, and she is not afraid to show that although she is a leader, she is also willing to let her love have the lead at times. Kantou is a strong man, more so because of his flaws. When he tries to explain to Rolen that wanting to please a woman, even in subjugation, can be a strength, he is wonderfully eloquent. And the progression of Rolen, from dominant, savage male to passionate and caring lover is skillfully drawn. Of course, any Sierra Dafoe book would be incomplete without roaring hot sex between multiple partners, and it is definitely here in full force.

One warning, there is one scene of disturbing forcible sex, involving Rolen as the victim of an attack by the women at the base. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and have recommended it to many of my friends. But be sure to have ice water nearby, and run the fan on high.

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