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Monday, December 14, 2009

Joe’s Birthday Girl by Corinne Shaw

Joe’s Birthday Girl by Corinne Shaw
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press/Scarlet Rose
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Other: M/F, Anal, Voyeurism
Length: Full Length (180 pgs)
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Jasmine

On her thirtieth birthday, Elena Lombardo is looking for only two things: a good time and a hot man to love her body. Fun with her friends is guaranteed, but a man to love her plus-sized figure might not be so easy to find.

FBI agent Joe Flaherty is not the kind of man to hesitate when it comes to something or someone he wants. And what he wants is to have his hands all over the gorgeous curves of the Birthday Girl at the end of the bar.

After a night of intense passion neither will soon forget, they are brought together once again by a crime that puts both their careers and their hearts on the line. But a darker force lies beneath the surface, threatening both the case and the passionate love developing between them. Can Joe end up living happily ever after with his Birthday Girl?

What happens when you’re afraid or even ashamed that people will realize you like sex? Are you really a private person when it comes to intimate relations? Or, are you hiding your inner most fantasies and pent up sexual desires because you fear what others might think if they knew the real you?

Elena Lombardo is a curvaceous, wanton, sexy, full-figure woman who’s finally brave enough to ask for what she truly wants from a man. Or, is she?

Sexually frustrated and dying for a strong, sexy alpha male to fulfill her sensual needs, Elena decides to wish for a night of “amazing sex” on her thirtieth birthday. But, will the birthday girl muster up enough courage to throw caution to the wind, embrace her sexuality, and ask Joe Flaherty for what she really wants and needs when the opportunity presents itself? If her wish is granted, will a night of wild, passionate, exquisite sex be enough, or will she crave more from the one man who has the ability to steal her heart and soul like a thief in the night with a single kiss? Moreover, will Elena be able to conquer her demons and realize that she is a woman who deserves to be loved by the right man?

Joe Flaherty is sexy, confident, intoxicating, and one-hundred percent unadulterated male. His forest green eyes, deep baritone voice with a slight rasp, sexy smile, sense of humor, confident stride and muscular physique is mouthwatering and will make any woman beg to be pleasured by the intense sexual heat emanating from his body. But, underneath that smooth veneer lays a man who has been hurt to the point that the pain has left a void inside his heart that he fears can never be filled by anyone; thereby, rendering him broken and incomplete.

If you’re ready for a sexually explosive night complete with intense passion, exquisite, unimaginable pleasure, and delightfully wicked exploration, then Joe’s Birthday Girl is the book for you. Corinne Shaw provides the reader with an erotic suspense that keeps you guessing until the very end. The demons Joe and Elena struggle with throughout the story are some that everyone can relate to, which makes you fall in love with the characters even more. My heart goes out to both them for the trials and tribulations they have to endure to find one another. The only question that remains is will it be enough to keep them together forever. Not only is the plot in depth and tantalizing, the characterization that Joe is an FBI agent and Elena a newspaper reporter is believable, which only makes the story stronger.

I loved Elena’s friends who continually encouraged her not only to go after what she wanted, which was Joe, but also to remember that she is a person who is loved regardless of her size and any man would be lucky to have her. This is a heart warming, erotic suspense, about conquering fears, overcoming loss, as well as societal stereotypes and prejudices, in order to become comfortable with oneself, and hopefully in the end, find love while enjoying some hot scorching sex along the way. Two thumbs up to Ms. Shaw because this is definitely a book that I’ll not only re-read, but also recommend to my friends. The only thing better than re-reading Joe’s Birthday Girl would be for Ms. Shaw to write sequels that revolve around his two brothers, Alex and Jack Flaherty. I must admit that when I finished the book, I immediately began surfing the web for other titles written my Ms. Shaw hoping that the books had already been written, but no such luck. Regardless, this is an excellent read and I hope you pick it up for yourself and a friend.

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Becca Simone said...

I agree. This was a fabulous read. I read it one sitting. I bought the print copy, and the cover is even more gorgeous in person than it was on my computer screen.