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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Pirate’s Life for Three by Amber Carlton

A Pirate’s Life for Three by Amber Carlton
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (148 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Katherine Cross escaped a confining life and now lives as Captain Kit Savage. She embraces adventure on The Black Rose and her relationship with fellow pirate, James Kingsley. James has a lusty body and a bad temper, but Kit revels in the sexual pleasure he provides.

Quinn Blackwell has two solutions for a financial crisis: find his lost fiancée or find Silas Watkins' plans for an amazing invention. Quinn finds both on The Black Rose, and his arrival creates a powder keg of sexual tension. As Kit, James, and Quinn vie for dominance in the captain's quarters, the mystery of an elusive journal leads to an explosive showdown.

A pirate's life for three isn't easy, but there's never a dull moment.

This is a story of a woman’s decision to escape a parent that is ambitious, callous and cold, and the new woman she became.

Sounds profound doesn’t it? Thing is, Katherine’s choices are not only a bit unorthodox but darned adventurous for the time period. She chooses the pirate life and what a life it is. Captain Kit does things that are the antithesis of her old life. As a queen of the sea, she makes her rules, choices and laws on her own ship. She chooses her companions, is ruthless and feared. She does however, remain a woman with breeding and intelligence, is compassionate and mischievous. I liked her. She even has odd taste in clothing for a pirate – a mixture of violence and lace. She also has a lusty appetite that no one man can appease. Good thing too.

James is brawny bull of a man with a reputation feared by all. All except Kit because she knows the secret to his weakness – he’s as sexual as she. And, wow, do readers get an eye full! Even though he melts in her arms, Mr. Kingsley is a force to be reckoned with. He never loses his arrogance, his command of respect, or his skill with weapons. Sounds like a good match.

Then I got to meet Quinn. He’s a man with a past – a survivor against odds that would have killed a lesser man. He once again faces destruction of a different sort and seeks to recoup whatever he can, whichever way he can. He’s another strong personality who’s very comfortable in his own skin. He, too, is intelligent, wily, and very knowledgeable about what pleases a woman to make her scream. He plots his course with one objective but once he meets Kit, everything changes. I enjoyed his honesty, his willingness to stand beside her and fight by her side. He’s a capable man who likes to be in control during sex and he wants to exercise those dominate techniques with one person. Shiver me timbers – that was hot.

Throw these three strong and opinionated people together with a huge itch to scratch and readers get a treat of volcanic and steamy proportions. Even though Kit is in charge, both men remain men I could respect because the author did not dumb them down to enhance Kit’s character. It was a clever balance and well done.

Add in the nefarious parent and the writing gets crisp, exciting and devious. The secondary characters of the crew really liven up the ship in a nice touch of world building. Each plays some role that is integral to a reader understanding the main character, their captain. Silas and Trueblood, Hal and Fowler, these guys help underscore why not only they love her as captain even though she is female, and why I, as a reader, liked her too, but why they follow her and trust her.

A Pirate’s Life for Three is a wonderful and exciting tale of unconventional life and love on the high seas and a woman who took charge of her own life. She made a difference to those around her. Her happily ever after is as unusual as it is exciting because James and Quinn are delicious and she knows it. By the time I finished reading this story, I knew it too and felt Kit Savage was one very lucky lady pirate.

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