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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Watching Her Every Move by Diana Dericci

Watching Her Every Move by Diana Dericci
Publisher: Purple Sword Publications, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (71 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Agent Jonas Dreyer has been working night and day to intercept valuable memory chips before they are delivered into the wrong hands. A happily confirmed bachelor with good reason, he never expects for the woman who is struck by his suspect in a wild foot chase to be the one, his mate.

Neither do they expect her to be targeted as the only person who may know where the vanished chips may be.

Watching Her Every Move is filled with incredible romantic suspense, sensual buildup and characters worth cheering for.

Stacee gets thrust into the middle of a national security debacle. It’s her level headedness, sense of humor, willingness to assist when she can that makes her a worthy character to read about. I like her sass, her classy ways of dealing with adversity and her dialogue. Even faced with life and death, she keeps it together. Nothing wimpy or scatterbrained about Stacee and I respect that.

Jonas is the good guy with a secret. He’s an agent who gets the job done and is usually very rigid and cold when it comes to doing his duty. He gets one whiff of Stacee and something inside him sits up and takes notice. And shoots his concentration to pieces. I love it when that happens; when a man loses his proud control, comes to gradual acceptance and then turns the tables and pursues his love with single minded purpose. It’s one of my favorite alpha traits. Jonas has it all.

The suspense is a steady and believable buildup that is effective. I bit my nail at one point because I thought for sure the bad guys were going to do something really nasty. There were some inspired descriptive passages in this story that I really enjoyed reading. I was a tad annoyed at some of the typos however. This story was so perfectly balanced, I didn’t appreciate those imperfections. As mild as some might think, it still bothered me. This story deserved perfect editing. I’m miffed that it didn’t get it.

The only secondary character worth mentioning is Fay. She’s Stacee’s friend and I wish we got to know her a bit better. There was something there that said, as Stacee’s friend, she should get to experience a happy relationship, too, as she was really sweet.

Watching Her Every Move is a gripping tale of bad guys, a race against time, love lassoing a man unawares and a woman strong enough to tame the wildest of beasts with her openness, passion and brains. Great combinations that ensure an engrossing and fulfilling read.

1 comment:

Diana Castilleja said...

Thank you Xe for the wonderful review! You brought up a point about typoes. I'll have that looked into right away (My copy was clean so I'm hoping it was only a file gremlin.)

I have to say, I loved these two characters myself. :)