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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Absinthe Eyes & Other Lies by GR Bretz

Absinthe Eyes & Other Lies by G. R. Bretz
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing L.L.C.
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Short Story (96 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Ambrosia

When a legend lingers for centuries there’s usually a bit of truth to it. For two hundred years people have whispered about the green fairy that lives in bottles of absinthe. Drink up. If you’re lucky you may see her. If you’re very lucky you may catch her. No one should ever be that lucky. Ask David, Vincent and Richard; three men with a few things in common. They have found inspiration. They have met the Muse. They have taken Dahlia to their hearts and to their beds. It cost them their sanity and their lives. If Stephen isn’t very careful he’s going to be number four.

The spiraling journeys of three men into madness who become lost in the bottoms of bottles of a drink called Absinthe become entwined in the legends of the Green Fairy in this anthology. G. R. Bretz captures the descent into insanity as artists, whether by pen or paint brush swallow up their muse until the end, each with their own story.

Vincent: Mad from the start, he finds his muse in a bar and accepts her promise to help him find fame in his artistic gift. Brutal and selfish, he takes what he wants and offers little in return until finally he loses more than he’d ever thought possible. She only asks one thing of him, offering him everything, especially her body. Taking even more than she gives, he eventually finds the Green Fairy in a haze of yellow and doesn’t live to regret betraying her. Lost in the yellow haze of Absinthe, he finds no peace in life. Too late, he offers her a gift to bring her back only to fail.

Richard: Failing her, himself, and his gift, Richard disappears off the face of the earth one day, leaving many questions behind. Though his girlfriend is suspect, none can prove her responsible of killing him. Leaving behind his art, he lives in her memory each day.

David: At thirteen, he meets the Green Fairy for the first time and spends many years dreaming of her. As an adult he finds her once again at the memorial service of her ex-lover and becomes enmeshed in her arms and heart. Knowing he too could lose his life, he walks down the path anyway, facing his fate head on.

Dahlia is a woman of great beauty who has known pain, love, joy, and loss. She has lifted men up to greatness and taken them to their knees.

G. R. Bretz captures the imagination as well as winds magical words of poetic motion into a story filled with messages of alcoholism and madness to come from abuse as artists seek renown. From deep, dark depression to ultimate sexual release, he takes the reader on a journey they’ll never forget, not even in the bottom of a bottle.

This story was well written and tells the true tale of the cost of drink. I give it 4.5 Cherries.

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Marie McGaha said...

This is an awesome story by an author with an awesome grasp of the dark side of life. I love GR Bretz's work!