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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Black Leather Pants by Beth D. Carter

Black Leather Pants by Beth D. Carter
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Length: Full Length (185 pgs)
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Jasmine

Small town girl Penny Varlet has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her love of art. Her boss, Kiley Laurent, is a sinfully sensual man who finds his way into her erotic dreams. One night, while working late, they act on their impulse and share a moment of raw passion.

Circumstances continue to throw them together, until one night, while working late, Penny is attacked by an intruder and hurt. Kiley whisks her away to Paris to heal, showing her a world of art and wonder. As she heals, can Penny put the anger over her attack to rest and find the courage to act on her love for Kiley?

What happens when a small town girl and a sexy, worldly, French artist who have nothing in common but their love for art realize they might be falling in love with one another? Will opposites attract, or will they discover it’s best to go their separate ways?

Penny Varlet is a small town girl who moves to Los Angeles to embrace her love of art, which is how she ends up working for Kiley Laurent. Kiley is a successful French artist who set New York on fire with his work, but has decided to hang up his paint brushes to open an art gallery. Penny not only loves how the expression of art affects her soul, but also how the depths of the colors make her feel. Art has always been a part of her heart, but unfortunately her soul is lacking the same inspiration. That is, until she meets Kiley.

Penny is intelligent, sassy, sexy, and has a tendency to overanalyze everything, especially when she’s dumped by her current boyfriend, Stu. Angry and hurt over the way Stu made her feel inadequate, she unleashes her pent-up emotion on her boss, Kiley. But, when emotions overflow and stress from the job collide will one night of impulsive, raw, sensual passion threaten to destroy not only their friendship, but also their working relationship? Or, is Kiley the one artistic component that will connect her heart and soul forever?

Kiley Laurent is a sexy, successful artist who has given up his paint brushes to open an art gallery so that he can pursue his dream of discovering the next burgeoning talent in the art world. His stylish good looks, French accent, and lean and muscular body make him a perfect fit for GQ or Calvin Klein. The man is sexy-as-sin and when he’s wearing his black leather pants, he’s every woman’s walking wet dream. In essence, the man is sex personified and he has the confidence and intelligence to go with his sensual, metrosexual image. But don’t be misled by his appearance because Kiley is one-hundred percent all heterosexual and has fallen in love with Penny Varlet. In fact, Kiley’s been in love with Penny since the first day she landed on his doorstep, but that’s the least of their problems.

For starters, Penny has recently been rejected by another man and is a basket case. Second, Kiley doesn’t know how to tell Penny that he’s fallen in love with her. Third, a threat looms over Penny that neither of them is aware of, which places her life in danger. Finally, did I mention he’s her boss and as far as she’s concerned, one should never mix business with pleasure? Have I piqued your curiosity yet?

Black Leather Pants is a refreshing story about love and life and how if two people focus more on what they have in common instead of their differences, they might be surprised at what they find…true love. There were times in the book, I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, especially when Penny seeks advice from her best friend Lark. The intensity between Kiley and Penny will send shivers down your spine. They may consider themselves opposites, but if one can learn how to communicate and the other can learn how to stop overanalyzing everything, they might just find a Happily Ever After.

There were times I wanted to laugh and cry as these two love birds struggled to find their way into each other’s hearts. Being a world traveler myself and having visited Paris on several occasions, the way Ms. Carter describes Paris is so vivid and magnificent that she must have had one hell of an adventure herself. Two thumbs up to Ms. Carter for providing us with a book that’s sexy, humorous, full of hot scorching sex, and literally brings joy to your heart as Penny struggles to find her Happily Ever After with the Boss. I would definitely recommend Black Leather Pants to my friends.

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