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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bloodlust: Nighttime Magic by Marilyn Lee

Bloodlust: Nighttime Magic by Marilyn Lee
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (117 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking
Rating: 4 Cherries.
Reviewed by Ambrosia

After a break-up with a controlling lover, forty-three-year-old Neely Little John finds herself stranded on a dark country road being pursued by a stalker. A tall, dark stranger comes to her rescue and Neely falls into instant lust. But what are the chances the young hunk is interested in an older woman?

Twenty-nine-year-old half-blood vampire Dimitri Dumont has obsessed over Neely Little John from afar and wondered if she might be his bloodlust -- his perfect mate. Determined not to make the mistake of choosing a mate too early in life, as he fears his father did, he flees from Neely after one night of incredible sex. In his struggle to forget her, he's driven into his Feast of Indulgence. He'll emerge from his Feast a full-blood vampire, hungry to claim Neely as his own -- even if he has to take her by force.

Vampire lust at its best, wildest, and most dangerous. A tale of debauchery and stalking (but not staking) while the hero strives to maintain his distance from the woman he desires above all others. His ‘bloodlust’ interest, Native American, Neely Little John, gets the ride of her life.

Neely is the first human who can link to his mind and share his thoughts. Though forty-three years old, she has never found a true love until Dimitri Dumont steps on the scene to rescue her from a murderous stalker hired by her ex-lover. Falling head over heels for a gorgeous man who is fifteen years her junior, she’s amazed at the driving need she feels for his touch.

His family isn’t thrilled about Dimitri finding his mate in an aging woman, making it difficult for them to accept her, especially when he kills two men to defend her. When he fights his undying attraction, Dimitri struggles to stay away from Neely, bedding and feeding off of numerous other women in an attempt to get past his feelings, all to no avail.

The writing is done well though it could use a little more depth of feeling with the five senses. True fear is felt when the hero goes overboard sexually, making the heroine literally accept any attention at all from the violent needs of the vampire. Knowing he’s womanizing and wants to share her with his cousins, she accepts it all with grace, a little too willingly and her easy acceptance of his demands made me a little sad. Still, I enjoyed the story, and it’s a good read for vampire lovers with fetishes.

I give this story 4 Cherries.

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