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Friday, January 29, 2010

Moonlust by Kallysten

Moonlust by Kallysten
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction
Length: Short Story (60 pgs)
Other: M/M/M
Rating: 3 Cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

In space, no one will hear them moan.

A Men in Space story.

The job was supposed to be an easy one for Captain Kar and his two-man crew: land the Danaus on the deserted moon, appropriate a few boxes of precious chromore, and jump out of the system before the Guardians could get to them. Even Will and Jay’s inability to keep their hands off each other for any length of time should not have been too much of a problem.

They discover too late it’s the laineards’ mating season. The resulting sexual pheromones begin to affect them as soon as they step off the ship. With Will and Jay losing their minds to lust, and Kar himself blinded by visions of the two men he has wanted for months, things suddenly get much harder than expected.

Their only hope for not ending up in jail is to get out of there before the Guardians find them. Except an open loading dock contaminated the air inside the Danaus. And Kar will have to resort to drastic measures to keep Jay and Will apart long enough to escape…

Three hot men, one erotic push and the results are explosive. This fun and flirty novella features three sexy men working together in tight quarters. Although the Captain of the ship, Karmychael, is attracted to his two man working crew of Jay and Will, he’s not pursued the handsome men. It takes a powerful pheromone on a deserted moon to let their passion take over.

This novella is one of three recently released about Men in Space. This particular story is entertaining and easy but the weakest of the trio. The characters are given enough background to differentiate themselves from each other but not enough to really fully develop independent personalities. Their pasts are largely unexplored with a brief hint of Jay running from the powerful ruling body called The Lodge. Jay and Will are already sleeping together but the story gives the impression this is due to ease and proximity rather than any greater emotion. That desire extends to the Captain Kar, but again the impression is that these men are happy with great sex rather than any more meaningful relationship leading to a happy for now ending. Part of this problem is that the point of view jumps around in the heads of all three men, trying to show their thoughts simultaneously and thus creates a disjointed reading experience. The view shifts aren’t confusing, but seem arbitrary jumps in the middle of scenes so readers need to be aware of that.

The science fiction setting plays on familiar and basic space tropes without introducing much of anything new. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, this keeps the story rather bland and typical of most space stories without anything to make it particularly memorable.

Although these problems combine to create a less than perfect story, these issues are also unlikely to really turn away readers. The familiar science fiction/space setting, gorgeous men, and generous erotica scenes combine to give a harmless, entertaining story. Although not particularly memorable, there is also nothing to really offend readers. So those who are looking for a fast read with some very hot sex in a space setting, this will likely fill that desire.

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