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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Christmas Wish by Ember Case

My Christmas Wish by Ember Case
Publisher: Samhain
Genre: Contemporary, holiday
Length: Short Story (58 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Stephanotis

Putting the past to rest has never been this much fun.

Tara Walsh has come a long way from paying her dues in a smoky New Orleans club. Her albums sell millions, her tours sell out and she has a hit DVD. Her name is known around the world. Now she’s back home for a holiday charity concert—and to say a proper goodbye to the past. A past named Duncan Rousse.

Five years ago, Duncan pushed Tara away for one reason: to force her to reach for the stars. She deserves the life she’s earned, even though it left him with a broken heart that’s never healed. Having her back in his arms only makes the pain worse, yet the last thing he can do is beg her to stay.

One wild, passion-filled night in the sexy Cajun’s bed has Tara’s body singing with pleasure. But can they both get what they want this Christmas?

Tara Walsh seems to have it all, a successful career in the music business, legions of fans, or so she thinks. She foolishly or maybe not so foolishly returns to New Orleans. There she runs into her past love, a sexy Cajun named Duncan Rousse, the man she loved but didn’t seem to return her feelings. She’s got two nights in her home town before she returns to LA. Can she and Duncan rekindle old flames?

I’ll admit I’m partial to books where old lovers meet up and take a stroll down memory lane. Stories with second chances as their major plot line always make me smile and My Christmas Wish didn’t disappoint me. It’s fun to see Tara and Duncan reconnect and take their relationship to a new level. And what better place to set a sexy read than the French Quarter. The author does a top rate job at not only describing in painstaking detail Tara and Duncan, but also the surroundings. I felt I was there, I felt like I was watching instead of reading and that’s what made this an enjoyable read. Case’s knack with description also added to the heat and steaminess of the book.

If you like a short sexy read or looking for something to read over the holidays, I’d recommend this one.

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